A Killer, a Step Ladder, & a Side of Ribs

Have you ever wanted to feel the energy of herding cats, the confusion of translating for a blind and deaf mime, or the satisfaction of knowing that you are way smarter than three grown men?

The guys find that an early morning start only magnifies the stupidity, yet Big Mac is surprisingly alert! Damon pitches someone else’s business idea, because he’s lazy, and Ted has no ability to count his steps. Oh… Then Damon talks about his “injury of the week” and…. There’s so much activity in this recording we split it into two parts! Enjoy part one…

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Recorded at Audiohive Podcasting, a studio dedicated to podcast recording, editing, and production!


Audiohive Podcasting uses
 Presonus Studio One, and
Izotope Nectar, RX, and Ozone to record, mix, and edit podcasts. 

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