“Half-Assed…” (I Mean, “Half-Measures…”) – Are you All-In ??

Are you all-in or only taking half measures on your sobriety? Do you know? Maybe you think you’re all in – but not talking a sip of alcohol is only a half measure. 

Mike and Glenn talk about being all-in on sobriety, they open up about their past half measures and how to spot them. Listen in as they discuss honesty, AA meetings, AA events, self service vs serving, connecting with sponsors, and the 12 steps. Mike and Glenn walk through and explore what a half measure looks like and what the full measure looks like for all of these things. Where do you stack up on this list? Are you all in?

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Big Book of AA: https://www.aa.org/the-big-book

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Episode 101: A Conversation with Katie Duncan

Katie is a practicing adult-gerontology primary care nurse practitioner. She is also the founder and CEO of Death Care Coach, a company offering end-of-life guidance, consulting, education, and coaching to families, caregivers, and healthcare providers. Before founding Death Care Coach, she taught full-time as a Professor at Drexel University in the College of Nursing and Health Professions Undergraduate Program, and an adjunct Professor in the Nurse Practitioner Program. 

Duncan has been working in healthcare for over 10 years in various roles and various specialties. She has spent time in hospital and intensive care settings. She has also worked in home-care and community settings, navigating her way into diverse homes while developing strong, trusting relationships with her patients and their families. In addition, Duncan has spent time in sub-acute rehab, assisted living, independent living, nursing home, and long-term care facilities. She continues to be an everlasting student continuously learning from those who allow her the privilege of being at their bedside, especially as they journey through their dying process.

Of all the places Duncan has worked, her greatest love has always been end-of-life hospice care. It has been her honor to be at the bedside of irreplaceable fellow humans as they take their last breaths in their physical bodies. Their journeys have taught her that life is a precious gift, and there is an opportunity to find beauty even at the very end. As a result, Duncan has made it her mission to educate, coach, and provide holistic services focusing on end-of-life matters. 

50: Hey, What’s Your Record?

Hey you, yea you! What’s your record? You know, your record for how many times in one day you… Gave yourself some love? Wink wink.
This week, the boys welcome two new producers (Mikayla and Jordan) and ask them their records, and some other weird questions. Also, Jerry’s basically blind (maybe because his record is so high?), Justin broke his arm just in time for No Nut November (a little early, but you can never be too careful), and Frank didn’t have ANY OTHER EXTRACURRICULARS IN HIGH SCHOOL?!?!

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Dr. Ivana Parker – How HIV and Other Illnesses Can Be Tackled

Engineering Tools to Characterize Immune Responses Important for HIV Prevention

HIV remains a global epidemic, with 37.9 million people living with HIV worldwide (UNAIDS, 2018). Various prevention strategies, including pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) and antiretroviral treatment in pregnant women with HIV have shown to be effective in decreasing HIV transmission. As these prevention strategies are becoming more commonly used, it is important to understand their effects on immune responses relevant for proper diagnosis and treatment.  In addition, elucidating inflammatory responses/mediators that can increase HIV susceptibility is also key to reducing HIV transmission. Altered immune responses in patients with HIV that occur as a response to novel PrEP modalities, are not well characterized and tools to characterize this altered response are lacking. Furthermore, as chronic inflammation is a factor known to increase HIV risk, it is important to understand mechanisms mediating these processes. This talk will discuss the methods I have developed to explore immune responses related to HIV prevention and diagnosis. These include characterization of HIV antibodies commonly used for diagnostic tests, and proteomics-based systems biology approaches used to analyze epigenetic mechanisms of inflammation shown to increase HIV risk in uninfected infants born to HIV positive mothers.

Brief Bio:

Dr. Ivana Parker is a Fulbright Scholar who recently completed a year-long study at the University of Cape Town in South Africa. Her project assessed the risk of a commonly used tuberculosis vaccine, BCG, on HIV susceptibility in infants using proteomics and systems biology approaches.  She completed a two-year post-doctoral fellowship as an American Society for Microbiology postdoctoral fellow at the Centers for Disease Control within the Division of HIV/AIDS Prevention.  At the CDC, she evaluated the impact of antiretroviral therapy (ART) on current diagnostic assay approaches and identified trends to optimize assay design. Ivana received her PhD in Bioengineering from Georgia Tech in 2015. Her thesis investigated the effects of pro-atherogenic shear stress, HIV proteins, and antiretroviral therapies on the vasculature using in vivo and in vitro models. During her time at Georgia Tech, she received the NSF graduate research fellowship and was selected to be a trainee on an NIH Cell and Tissue Engineering Training Grant. She also received a Whitaker Grant to develop artificial aortic valves in Cape Town, South Africa and facilitated set-up of a lab in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia during her PhD training. Ivana earned her BS in mechanical engineering from the University of Florida in 2009.



Connect with Dr Parker on Twitter: @DRIKParker

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?? Sober Curious ?? (Are you?)

It’s a great big step going from drinking to AA. There is no middle ground, no introductory course before walking into AA for the first time saying I have a problem, I need a solution, I’m messed up, I will never drink again. 

#SOBERCURIOUS is a softer way to say “alcohol may not be served”. It allows for sobriety to be more acceptable – you don’t need to be an alcoholic to be sober. If you have ever wondered “How important has alcohol consumption become in my life?” then exploring the #SOBERCURIOUS movement may be for you.

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Read Ruby Warrington’s book, Sober Curious: https://www.amazon.com/Sober-Curious-Blissful-Limitless-Connection/dp/0062869035/

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Bullseye Forensics and The Pachyderm Mourner

The guys discuss Damon’s new advanced home security system that also eliminates dryer lint, why being a woman from Los Angeles meets the qualifications for a professional sound engineer, and how Ted uses a “sound check” to determine if his treadmill is too hot.

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