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Podcast Recording, Editing, and Production in Crest Hill, Illinois

Audiohive Podcasting offers turnkey podcast recording, no technical experience required. 
Show up with your ideas for content and leave with a polished, professional podcast recording. 


Our acoustically treated room is ready for you sit down, sound check, & begin recording in just a few minutes. We have everything you need to integrate any sound devices or media sources you bring.


Audiohive Podcasting utilizes FilePass to collect your notes and revision requests so that you can easily tell us exactly where you want your intros, breaks, outros, or other edits to happen.


You can lean on us to help you run your podcast smoothly. Pulling up information in real time on the in-studio monitors, triggering sound effects, fading music in and out live, we strive to facilitate your podcasting experience.

Competition vs. Collaboration

This episode focuses on the differences between competing and collaborating; don’t hate, COLLABORATE. Listen...

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