LIMB POSSIBLE Robert Anthony

We are proud to present Robert Anthony is a  Motivational & Public Speaker, Professional Prosthetic Educator, Founder of “Limb Possible”, U.S Amputee Soccer Player, American Ninja Warrior Season 9 and much more!  Robert discusses his childhood struggles, his evolution as an adaptive athlete and the countless lives that he touches in the Amputee Community.  The AMP’D UP211 Video Podcast is hosted by Rick Bontkowski, a right below knee amputee.

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Brown Babe Q&A

2020 has been labeled the year of the unfortunate. From sickness to uncertainty, this year has made the whole world stop and think about what really is important to them. Thankfully, health and wellness has risen to the top of the list for many. As a holistic brand that believes in the health of the mind, body and the soul- we use this podcast to pour into our community and supplement those verbal vitamins needed to get through this thing we like to call life. 

In this podcast episode we talk about how a single airport experience gave light to Cancer preventative services and how a trip to Whole Foods paved the way to better understanding why antibiotics are losing their potency. Sometimes the greatest gift is being able to reflect on the events you have daily that plant seeds to a much bigger experience and opportunity to heal for you and your community down the line. The best way to ensure you are supporting your overall health would be to document your days in a way that allows you to decompress and explore your emotions and how you navigate your situations. 

We suggest journaling and stepping back from social media as a constant consumer and being strategic with your exposure to the hustle and bustle of the internet. After all, Ebony magazine recently cited that “ the U.S. Dept. of Health and Human Services Office of Minority Health,[ mentions that ] “African Americans are 20% more likely to report having serious psychological distress than non-Hispanic Whites.” Keep your crown sis. Don’t let the stress of being “greatness in progress” get you down. 

Just take a deep breath as we wind down and out of this year. Breathing is also an amazing and underrated stress reliever. We dropped in the podcast that we are fans of Breathwrk. This app can help you to “utilize breathing exercises which can assist you in activating the parasympathetic nervous system and suppressing the sympathetic nervous system in order to respond to stress effectively. And we know Stress is out here lurking and looking for every opportunity to keep you company. This is why we like to  pour a cup of our Do Not Disturb CBD Infused Relaxation Tea every day. Make sure you order yours today. It is a great way to calm down after an enlightening hour of choosing the right carton of eggs at the grocery store along with the best Oil of Oregano to use for your premium home juicing products. You had to listen to the podcast to get that last line. Stay healthy brown babes.

Get The Tea on IMMUNITY Workbook for the Breakdown of our Immunity Tips mentioned during this episode as well as our favorite products by joining our private facebook group.


Episode 96: A Conversation with Cheryl Christopher on her book, “The Portrait of Grief.”

Cheryl’s entrepreneurial spirit flourished in photography, modeling and fashion. She launched a successful international bridal line, Christopher and LaLou. Cheryl, along with her husband, has always been involved in community and ministry. Along with others, she brought Young Life to Southeast Texas and launched a bible study for unchurched women called Wellspring. Life and family forever changed with the death of two of her sons and one grandson. Her life is shared with her husband, Gary Christopher, two children, and seven grandchildren. Her days are now filled with doing the things she loves: cooking, writing, painting and speaking with others who grieve significant loss.

46: Corn-Star Shortage (feat. Sito)

This week the boys get cultured and welcome back their International Guest, Sito! Come hear the crew argue over just how cheap Jerry is (heads up: the answer is VERY), then they talk about the “Corn” Star shortage in Japan (wink wink), oh! And the fact that we might already be living in the Matrix 😳. All these awesome topics, and Producer B would rather just listen to Sage Francis all day 🙄

But hey! Shout out to Sage Francis! Sage Francis all day! Check out his music!

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What’s Tea Sis?

Brown Women Wellness 

Brown women across the globe are suffering in silence. They are afraid to acknowledge what is going on within their lives, minds and bodies. The rise for communities embracing the experience of being a brown woman has become a necessity for survival. The founders of Brown Women Wellness are stepping up to the plate to heed the calling. With the launch of their new podcast; Well, Honestly- they are aiming to galvanize the voice of brown women globally.

What This Podcast Is About?

Well, Honestly is the weekly deep-dive conversation every woman needs. Led by mother-daughter duo Andretta and Aaqila, no topic is off-limits as they focus on honest, vulnerable and life-changing topics centered around health, wellness and womanhood. These thought leaders want to do more than share their insight on nutrition, herbs and essential oils. Well, Honestly features groundbreaking interviews with prominent industry stakeholders sharing insight into holistic healing and western medicine. Listen to your body and this podcast.

What is the TEA?
The first episode entitled “What’s Tea Sis?” lead by Andretta and Aaqila, a mother and daughter duo with different viewpoints but the same goals toward optimal health introduces the audience to the foundation of their podcast. AIming to talk things through with evaluating your health and wellness routines- the pair brings insight from industry leaders while also sharing the stories of women within their community.

Why Is This Topic Important?

Podcasts and safe spaces like this are necessary. released an article that highlights that 

“African American women are 60 percent more likely to have high blood pressure than non-Hispanic white women, according to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Office of Minority Health.” 

The reason for such a high statistic confirms why podcasts, businesses and communities fostered by women like Andretta and Aaqila of Brown Women Wellness are necessary. The headline suggests that this overwhelming statistic aims at discrimination being the leading factor of hypertension.

Key Take-Aways!
After listening to episode one of the Well, Honestly podcast you will want to do a deep dive into better understanding the prominent elements of your wellness.  The duo showcases a verbal blueprint to doing a self-diagnosis that outlines how you feel about your health and ways to hold yourself accountable for the work you put into being healthy. They also demonstrate what it is like to talk about what you are going through with someone that can understand and offer insight. This is a critical example being showcased that adds an extra layer of tenderness when you realize that the pair are mother and daughter. Lastly, they break down the need to do the research for yourself to find out how you can better your health beyond the word of mouth ministries and doctors advice you may receive. No one should care more about your health than you. Invest the time, energy and dedication needed to live your best life brown girl. And that’s us being honest!