Episode 146: A conversation with Dr. Joshua Black on grief dreams

In today’s episode, Saul talks to Dr. Joshua Black on Grief Dreams. Dr. Black holds a MA and PhD in Psychology. He is a grief researcher, speaker, consultant, and host of the Grief Dreams Podcast. His work focuses on dreams and continuing bonds after loss, including prenatal and pet loss. As one of the leading academic experts in grief dreams, which can be dreams of the deceased, Joshua has directed his efforts on raising awareness about this fascinating phenomenon through media interviews, including PBS Next Avenue, CBC News, and Toronto Sun, in addition to speaking engagements and workshops. 

TRAIL ADAPTIVE Zachary Friedley

We are proud to present adaptive athlete and trail runner Zachary Friedley.  Zach is a congenital amputee born missing his right leg above the knee.  Zach has spent his life in the pursuit of understanding how to reach the true meaning of movement.  This ultramarathoner not only pushes himself physically but also spiritually.  Zach continues to inspire the entire amputee community through his video blogs, social media content, and special brand of wisdom. The AMP’D UP211 Video Podcast is hosted by Rick Bontkowski, a right-below-knee amputee.

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Wet Like Water | Blackstreet Boys Podcast Episode 86

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Episode 138: A conversation with a Philosopher on life, middle age and death

In Today’s episode, Saul talks to Dr. Christopher Hamilton on his philosophical thoughts on life, middle age and death. Dr. Hamilton is a professor of Philosophy at Kings College in London. Dr. Hamilton completed his BA in philosophy at King’s College London (where he also completed the Associateship of King’s College) and went on to do an MPhil and PhD in philosophy at Birkbeck College London. 

As part of his PhD he also studied philosophy and literature at the University of Bonn, Germany. He later completed a PGCE and worked for four years as a secondary school teacher. He joined King’s in 2003. In 2007, he was Scholar in Residence at the University of Salzburg, Austria, and in 2013 he was Visiting Professor at the University of Trent, Italy.