Live On Purpose and Strain Your Potential

Live on purpose and strain your potential by loving your work. Whatever you love to do is purposeful and matters. And you will have less chance of quitting because you love doing it. What often holds us back from living on purpose are challenges, failure and fear of failure. Work through what is holding you back to stay on the path of what matters most to you.
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“When You Go to War…” | Blackstreet Boys Podcast Episode 98

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Money Influences Your Business’s Value

There are three reasons businesses fail and they are all related to money issues. The first reason is cashflow problems. The second reason is starting out with too little money. And the third reason is because owners are overly optimistic about achievable sales, the amount of money required and about what needs to be done to be successful. Making enough money needs to be a top priority in order to be successful in business.
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Pigeon Hats and Baby Nets

The guys discuss why all Mountain Dew should be opened by day 29, how owning a boat directly relates to an endless supply of free goats, and when a “First Name” salutation assures an effective recruitment campaign. 

Juicing vs Smoothies: Which Is Really Better for Your Health? | Well, Honestly..The Podcast | Ep. 99

Are you struggling to choose between juicing or blending for your daily dose of fruits and vegetables? You’re not alone. In this episode, we delve into the pros and cons of each method to help you make the best choice for your health. 

We’ll cover:
-The Nutritional Breakdown: What are you getting from your juice and smoothie?
-Digestive Impact: How do these beverages affect your digestion differently?
-Sugar Content and Blood Sugar Response: Understanding the effects of juicing vs. blending on your blood sugar levels.
-Ease and Accessibility: Which method fits better with your lifestyle?