133: Episode 137: A conversation on one of the first of its kind “A Guided Journal for the Bereaved Muslim Parent.”

In Today’s episode, Saul talks with Paul Nash- Senior Chaplain at Birmingham Women’s and Children’s Hospital in the England , Arooj Rashid Hussain- Editorial Director at Ta Ha Publishers and Zamir Hussain- Author and Chaplain at Birmingham Women’s and Children’s Hospital in the England. The conversation is on Zamir’s ground breaking new publication “A Guided Journal for the Bereaved Muslim Parent.”

Zamir Hussain is a UK-based Muslim Healthcare Chaplain since 2007 and a qualified teacher. She holds an Honours degree in Islamic studies and PGCE in Religious Education as well as a Certificate of Muslim Chaplaincy and is a qualified hijama therapist, and life coach. 

She has several publications, including Palliative care booklet and books for bereaved Muslim parents and siblings. And has led on multi-faith resources and books for Healthcare Chaplaincy, as well as developing Spiritual care activities for sick children and their families. She has also developed the first UK blended learning resource, which includes, virtual rooms online training programme, care plans and pathways for lslamic daily, palliative, end of life and bereavement care for paediatric staff. 

Zamir has worked as a Muslim Chaplain for both the Heart of England NHS Trust and Birmingham women’s and Children’s hospital where she has run training courses for staff on caring for the Muslim patients and their families Zamir has spoken at end of life and bereavement conferences and delivered training workshops and lectures on care for Muslim patients to organisations across the country.

You can purchase the journal here.

174: “Singers and Zingers”

The guys discuss who’s the only person in the whole world that’s more self-confident than Damon, why it’s so imperative to be loud if you want to hear Piano Man, and what exactly is the stripper to machine operator in one of the luckiest of factory jobs you could ever have. 

ShiestyCast Vol. 3 | Blackstreet Boys Show Episode 69 (Full Episode)

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131: “Boiling the Frog” – What does Surrender look like?

Following the recovery journey from the previous episode “Boiling the Frog – Anti-Surrender” Mike & Glenn are talking about the same gentleman, but later in his recovery journey when he discovers true surrender.

What changed? He knew he was struggling, he had lost his rental house and was staying in extended stay, but in the last week:

 – Lost his job and was not working

 – Still drinking and drugging

 – His family cut him off 

Dive in with Mike & Glenn as they talk about what it took for this gentleman to reach true surrender and what it looked like.

In this episode:

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