Pigeon Hats and Baby Nets

The guys discuss why all Mountain Dew should be opened by day 29, how owning a boat directly relates to an endless supply of free goats, and when a “First Name” salutation assures an effective recruitment campaign. 

Tobacco & Leather and Hotbedding

The discuss how flexible scheduling only guarantees frustration and not employment, why they will never put ATMs in funeral homes,  and when a dog tossed over the fence to a polar bear will definitely be be caught with left hand and get you free admission. 

“He was Arrested and Kilt”

The guys discuss what’s the actual probability of being shot at 300 yards by a girthy bush, why you would never brag about the 30 acres you inherited from your Uncle Roland, and how path proximity is crucial when sounding the alarm for the leash police. 

Borrowed Cannonballs, Keistered Batteries, and Ping Pong Pigeons

The guys discuss how you never use the first beak when pulling an accurate measurement, why you can’t expect 145 tons of black market chicken to be any cooler than room temperature, and when is the ONLY TIME you’ll ever hear a mourner say “we’re all better off”.


Recorded at Audiohive Podcasting
Hosted on Transistor.fm