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In her second year of recovery, Alexis had 4 kids. She was blessed with lots of family that really helped out, and in 2013 received a lot of holiday gifts her kids would not use. They decided to give the extra gifts to a men’s treatment center so the men could give the gifts to their kids. But five gifts didn’t go very far, and Alexis found herself reaching out to others to do more – and filled an entire wish list for the treatment center! That’s how RecoveryKidz was born.

Recovery Kidz partners with other organizations like The Sanctuary, recovery for mothers with a newborn baby, to fulfill wish lists for kids that have parents residing in recovery centers during the holiday season.

Want to help Recovery Kidz?

  • You can donate money and RecoveryKidz will purchase gifts for kids.
  • Go to and click on Amazon Wishlist, then buy the gift from Amazon. The gift goes to RecoveryKidz to be sent to the child.

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