Thoughts on Therapy – coffee with Liz Kelly LICSW

Author and Therapist Liz Kelly join Mike and Glenn for this session, where she shares thoughts based on her book “This book is cheaper than therapy – A no-nonsense guide to improving your mental health”  and her private practice.  Topics touched on include Self-assessment, Grief, and increasing self-compassion.  Liz is a Licensed independent clinical social workers (LICSW) based out of Washington DC and can be found at

the POWER of 8 & 9

Glenn tears apart steps 8 and 9 in real-time, challenging all to get after the amends process.  With timing and sponsor support, we can open the floodgates of fabulousness.  

Into Action

Mike and Glenn discuss measuring sobriety through inventory, planning, execution, disciplines, and accountability through transparency.  Pulling apart page 86 of the AA Big Book, they talk about life into action.