Church, Prison, and Public Office Pt 2

Mike and Garland picks up where they left off on Episode 15 discussing when he goes to prison and the transformation of his life before being release. They also cover where he was inspired to public service and how it  lead him to working with the Joliet Housing Authority and Will County Executive Board. Doc sums up the interview with how through our failures we can find our calling, purpose and destiny. 

Church, Prison, and Public Office Pt 1

Mike welcomes special guest Garland Mays the Will County Executive Engagement Coordinator to the podcast to discuss his life story. In this first of two episodes they bring to light their childhood relationship that grew from a church that Garland great-uncle founded and pastored. Garland also discussed how after one year of college with a career ending injury, he retuned to the neighborhood and got involve with gangs and drugs.

The Love I Lost

Mike and Doc discussed some of the issues in relationships that causes individuals to reject, neglect and take their mate for granted. They also conversate about how the man that is following after Christ is constantly being torn down from inside his own household. They end the conversation with healthy solutions that leads toward a good relationship.  

“Footwerk Appreciation Month” Better Known as F.A.M.

DJ Cornerstone and Mike disscused how DJ’s fundraiser “Footwerking For Food” helped the Northern Illinois Food Pantry. They also discussed the annual August event called Footwerk Appreciation Month better know as F.A.M. Where footwerk dancers come from all over the world to Chicagoland to meet and celebrate each other with picnics, parties and friendly dance off competitions. DJ also talked about attending the Bud Billiken parade which is the largest African American parade in the United States. Doc sums up the importance of giving back to community and how you can use your passion to do it.