100th Drop!!

When it started, Mike and Glenn had one goal: If we could positively impact one person, this whole endeavor would be worth our effort. Grateful to report that between the exchanges and interactions we get online, we know we’ve accomplished this. We’re just a couple of guys talking about life and sobriety, and we have learned and grown through the experience, maybe even more than our listeners.

Episodes Mentioned:

Lindsay Shares Her Experience: https://www.sober.coffee/podcast/episode/23e887e3/bonus-lindsay-shares-her-experience-strength-and-hope

Wedding Bells: https://www.sober.coffee/podcast/episode/1c66c129/wedding-bells-embracing-the-landslide

Riding The Ferris Wheel: https://www.sober.coffee/podcast/episode/24da7a52/living-sober-riding-the-ferris-wheel

Learning To Live as a Left-Hander: https://www.sober.coffee/podcast/episode/f6d03d4b/sobriety-learning-to-live-as-a-left-hander

For more about this podcast:

Visit Sober.Coffee website: https://www.sober.coffee

Recorded at Audiohive Podcasting: https://www.audiohivepodcasting.com

In collaboration with Care Addiction Center: https://www.careaddiction.com

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