#Trending Series: Pt 7: What Is Dry Drunk?

Glenn and Mike describe dry drunk as the grumpy guy that hasn’t had a drink but is miserable and complains about everything in their life. Why? Because stopping drinking is one thing, but then what? If you’re drinking to escape, then stop drinking without surrendering to recovery, you are still miserable but without the alcohol – and the same sh%^ behavior is still there. 

Glenn and Mike elaborate on the difference between drunk, dry and sober. You can be drunk by yourself, you can be dry by yourself, but sober takes a community and a commitment to recovery.

If you feel like you’re a dry drunk, some helpful hints:

  1. Practice self care
  2. Avoid trigger situations
  3. Start a journal
  4. Take mind off cravings by doing other activities
  5. Limit things that hurt your sleep
  6. Think about engaging in the 12 steps of AA

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