Steve G – Returns – Exploring Sober Living & Introducing RCOSA

Through his own path to recovery, Stevie G stayed at a halfway house. While there, he found connections and moved forward in his own recovery, but he saw some things that were disturbing, as if the halfway house had lost the focus on helping recovering alcoholics. After leaving, Stevie was presented with the opportunity – a friend owned some 3 flats – and Stevie said “I think we can do better for people”. That was 30 years ago and he continues to work in the sober community with RCOSA sober living.

RCOSA is a privately funded non-profit organization providing sober living where individuals work on building a foundation for sobriety through love and support, and incredible counselors with lots of experience to help individuals cognitively and emotionally. Everyone gets their own room with different buildings for different demographics like age,and there are two groups a week with group and individual counseling. RCOSA has created a space where people feel like they are vested in their recovery, and have fun along the way. The facilities are top notch, costs are reasonable, and the location is very accessible. Individuals walk into an instant community.

Benefits and focuses of sober living:

  • Community
  • Accountability and structure
  • Direction and Guidance
  • Incredible Counselors: individual and group

Thousands of people have gone through RCOSA. The average length of stay is a little under a year. Why? Because 

the idea of 28 day treatment is unrealistic – individuals are not cured after 28 days. It takes 6 – 12 months to change those neural pathways and stay at RCOSA is a minimum of 3 months. That’s where the value of RCOSA is, and that is why esteemed alumni are seeing such a benefit. 

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