?? Sober Curious ?? (Are you?)

It’s a great big step going from drinking to AA. There is no middle ground, no introductory course before walking into AA for the first time saying I have a problem, I need a solution, I’m messed up, I will never drink again. 

#SOBERCURIOUS is a softer way to say “alcohol may not be served”. It allows for sobriety to be more acceptable – you don’t need to be an alcoholic to be sober. If you have ever wondered “How important has alcohol consumption become in my life?” then exploring the #SOBERCURIOUS movement may be for you.

Want more clinical information about Sober Curious?

Visit Care Addiction Center’s Resources For Recovery Blog: https://www.careaddiction.com/edu/what-is-sober-curious

Read Ruby Warrington’s book, Sober Curious: https://www.amazon.com/Sober-Curious-Blissful-Limitless-Connection/dp/0062869035/

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