PRO SOBRIETY! – AA Alternative(s) Part 4 -SMART Recovery

Laura joins Mike & Glenn in the coffee shop to talk about SMART Recovery. Laura found SMART Recovery after she ended her chaotic relationship with drugs 40 years ago. Why after? Ten years ago she discovered her son was a heroin user. Knowing him, she knew he wouldn’t buy into the 12 step program, so she went looking for answers. While her son never attended any meetings, SMART Recovery changed her life and Laura is now a recovery coach.

An alternative to AA, SMART Recovery has a large online community all over the world – you are always able to access a meeting of peers 24 hours a day. SMART is a secular program – they believe a person’s faith often drives recovery but it’s personal and individual. SMART works on a 4 point program:

  1. Maintaining motivation
  2. Resisting urges
  3. Managing our thoughts, feelings, and behaviors acceptably
  4. Living a balanced life

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