“How’s Your Year Going” ?? Laying a Sober Foundation

The foundation to building a life in recovery doesn’t always start with lofty goals and high expectations. Sometimes slow and steady builds the sturdiest foundation. The question “how are you doing now that it’s the middle of the year?” starts an open conversation about what the middle of the year and the middle of recovery looks like for Mike  and Glenn – and just how much it has to do with how they started. 

The answer to the question of how you are doing depends on whether you’re comparing now to the start of the year, or the start of recovery, or even the start of the yesterday. Sure, someone might be doing great compared to before sobriety, but Mike & Glenn suggest that how you find growth is to ask, “are you doing better today than yesterday?” It’s part of being patient, and if you are thinking about changing your lifestyle, know that recovery is going to take time. It’s important to let it play out, be patient, and lay that foundation.

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