“Half-Assed…” (I Mean, “Half-Measures…”) – Are you All-In ??

Are you all-in or only taking half measures on your sobriety? Do you know? Maybe you think you’re all in – but not talking a sip of alcohol is only a half measure. 

Mike and Glenn talk about being all-in on sobriety, they open up about their past half measures and how to spot them. Listen in as they discuss honesty, AA meetings, AA events, self service vs serving, connecting with sponsors, and the 12 steps. Mike and Glenn walk through and explore what a half measure looks like and what the full measure looks like for all of these things. Where do you stack up on this list? Are you all in?

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Mentioned in this episode:

Big Book of AA: https://www.aa.org/the-big-book

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Visit Sober.Coffee website: https://www.sober.coffee/

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