Finding Myself Sober – with Dean Anderson, Author

Recovery is so much more than just ‘quit drinking’. You face the question “I’m not drinking, so now what?” In the coffee shop, Mike & Glenn are joined by Dean Anderson, author of the book “Finding Myself Sober”.  Dean recounts the first 10 or more times he tried to get sober, going through the motions to quit drinking but not filling the hole with anything new – which led him back to the bottle again.

At rock bottom, Dean went to AA and realized it wasn’t just about being dry. Finding himself sober and working the steps of AA he also found he needed to simplify things – the more simple it is, the easier it is to work the steps and less chance to step off the path. That’s the basis of his book.

In this episode:

 – Book: Finding Myself Sober by Dean Anderson:

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