“Boiling the Frog” – What does Anti-Surrender look like?

Success in getting on the sober path is surrender. At the coffee shop, Mike & Glenn discuss what surrender and struggle look like when you don’t surrender, anti-surrender, and how it’s like boiling a frog.

How do you boil a frog? ‘Boiling the frog’ is referring to the premise that if you stick a frog in boiling water, he jumps out immediately. Put him in warm water then raise up the water temperature a little at a time, he doesn’t notice – then he’s boiled. Alcoholism is progressive, it gets worse and worse and worse. It’s like turning the temperature up on the water the frog is swimming in.

Glenn talks about the recovery journey of a gentleman he sponsored in AA who started with an attitude of anti-surrender – and the pain, suffering, refusal and ego that accompanied the anti-surrender.

After listening to this episode, jump into the next one where Glenn talks about the same person – but later in his journey when he discovers true surrender.

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