Well Honestly: Episode: 48: How Safe is Your Health? Is Convenience Worth Your Health?

In this weeks episode we talk about all of the things in the news dealing with food, exercise and more. It is a struggle to focus on your health and wellness and utilizing items of convenience may leave you open to even bigger health problems. We talk about the things you need to be mindful of on this wellness journey when it comes to your convenience. The one thing I know we all can agree on is the necessity of your wellness journey, doing what is best for you and not giving up on things you’ve started. We are breaking it all down with a pinch of health and wellness talk to keep you informed, motivated and empowered.

Do you have questions about your wellness routine and boundaries?

 We are all about community and wellness on this episode so lets jump right into it.

[01:20] How Dangerous Is Your Salad? (Read Here)

[05:30] In The News: The COVID Summit- The Impact of The Jab (Read Here)

[07:50] Movie of the Week (Watch Here)

[11:00] What Really Happened Between Stephanie Mills & Chaka Khan (Watch The Versus Battle Here)

[14:15] We Have A TRADEMARK (See It Here (Group Members Only)

[17:05] Product Swap of The Week (Buy Here) or (Buy Here)
Article: Whats the Difference Between Seltzer and Sparkling Mineral Water? (Read Here)

[25:00] More About Us & Our Mission & How to Be featured on our podcast


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