Episode 19: Dr. Sara K. Schneider- On her invention of “The Human Journey®” and its relevance for hospice and palliative care.

Prior to committing to making THE HUMAN JOURNEY® a working reality in professional settings around the country, Sara was a tenured professor in leadership studies. She is committed to serving those who work with families in hospice, healthcare, veterans services, and prison settings. Her work on an extraordinary yoga program started and run by incarcerated men in western Illinois was published in 2019 and she was featured in a Canadian documentary on the program, as well as on radio and television programs on her work as a performance anthropologist. 

Among her other writings are the books Art of Darkness, Vital Mummies, and Concert Song as Seen; and the plays American Yogi, Color Story, In Peerage Out, and Reprehensible Shoes. During her years in New York City, Sara was the founder and artistic director of the theatre company Chaparral Productions. 

You can find more about her work here; https://the-human-journey.com/

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