Doreen Germany Exposes the Truth About Hormonal Disorders – What Every Woman Over 40 Needs to Know!

-Welcome to Brown Women Wellness “Wellness Warrior Interview Series.” In today’s eye-opening interview, we sit down with the incredible Doreen Germany, a Natural Health Counselor specializing in helping women over 40 recover from hormonal disorders and liver and gall bladder issues. This episode is a must-watch if you’ve been struggling with unexplained symptoms, mood swings, or just not feeling like yourself!

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

-The hidden truths about hormonal disorders that doctors often overlook.
-Natural and effective ways to balance your hormones.
-How to stay the course of living a healthier lifestyle.
-How liver and gall bladder health is crucial to overall well-being.
-Practical tips and lifestyle changes to reclaim your health and vitality.
-Real-life success stories from women who have transformed their lives through Doreen’s guidance.

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Doreen Germany
Natural Health Counselor
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Healing Can Taste Delicious: Nourishing Your Body with Anti-Inflammatory Foods

Today, we’re diving into the world of healing foods that nourish you physically and taste absolutely amazing. Get ready to indulge your taste buds while reducing inflammation and promoting overall well-being. Join us as we reveal the top five anti-inflammatory foods and provide you with delicious recipes to try.

[3:00] Top five anti-inflammatory foods that can heal you
[3:20] Blueberry smoothie recipe
[7:30] Salmon: how to choose the healthy version
[8:16] Difference between salmon and taking the omega 3 acid pill
[8:40] Flaxseed for omega-3 acid
[9:42] Salmon recipe and prep instruction
[11:40] Turmeric lentil soup for anti-inflammation
[17:40] The making of broccoli Salad: how to blanch your vegetables
[19:55] The benefits of green tea


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Hey, hey hey brown babes today we got a great topic for you. We’re gonna talk about how healing can taste delicious. Yes, it can. I know you will think most people think oh, man, I gotta eat all this rabbit food, you know in order to heal myself, but guess what? Some of the healthiest foods out there can taste amazing and delicious. And when we come back, we gonna talk about some of those foods. today. We even got recipes and I got my sidekick back. I know y’all miss her. So she’s back for this episode. So we’ll see you in a minute.

Hey brown beauties. Welcome to living inflammation free with me andretta Robinson, your functional nutrition health coach and I’m Aaqila Harvey. We are your mother and daughter hosts bringing two different generations together bi weekly to give you easy, actionable steps to help rid your body of chronic inflammation.

Hey, Aaqila. Hey, girl, hey its so good to see you girl you know I was doing solo episodes, it felt different. I don’t understand why you can’t just talk to yourself. So if I’m not like you, you know, talk to myself. I’m not the only person out here that talk to myself. So we’ll see. I’m really surprised. Yeah, I think it’s the only child syndrome. Oh no, no, no. A lot of people that are not only children. That must be your generation because you know if you talk if you talk to yourself in my generation, we thought you were a little cuckoo.

You gotta have a conversation with yourself and just you know, check in but

there’s other stuff have a name

today’s episode All right. All right. All right. So today we’re gonna talk about healing foods that can taste amazing and delicious. While they nourish you physically, emotionally and spiritually. It can become a part of your daily life as DT so we want to reduce inflammation with some of these healing foods. So today, we’re gonna name the top five foods that can heal you that are anti inflammatory, and then we’re not gonna stop there. We’re gonna give you a recipe that is delicious to go with these particular foods. So you want to tell us number one killer let’s go

for it. So number one is going to be blueberries. Now. Blueberries are rich in antioxidants and they contain compounds that have been shown to reduce inflammation.

I personally I know enjoy and likes the wild blueberry absolutely different. There is a difference wild blueberries are smaller. And you can actually easily find these and I found them in pete’s and frozen. I found those Yes, yes. I found them in pete’s. I found them at Whole Foods. I found them. All these Believe it or not, and they’re not expensive. And I use them a lot in my smoothies. So today, we’re gonna give them a smoothie recipe with blueberries in it. And you know, it’s real easy to make you guys very, very easy. And here are the ingredients. So for this smoothie, you’re going to need a cup. Now when I talk about I don’t know measurements, just eyeball it gave you the measurement.

Mostly just that when you feel it in your spirit, feel it in your spirit. You have one cup of frozen blueberries wild or regular, half a banana, one cup of unsweetened or sweetened almond milk now my hybrid is is anti inflammatory.

You see vanilla almond milk. Almond milk is okay, but the unsweetened version, well I’ll put it to you this way, if you want to control your sugar, sweeten it yourself. So ground Tumeric about a half a teaspoon, half a teaspoon of ground ginger, half teaspoon of brown cinnamon. And then I’m gonna say if you want to sweeten it, use dates. Yes, dates are very good for the body. Yes, you could add that and then if you want to be fancy and put some toppings almost like a smoothie bowl without the bowl. Top it with chia seeds, some actual fresh blueberries, some sliced almonds, and you can use honey again if you want to a little bit more sweeter but we’re going to just throw it all in the blender. Just throw it in a blender blender smooth and blend until smooth and then you can either put it into a bowl now, the consistency of this is not a bowl type of consistency. If you wanted to do a bowl, increase the bananas and reduce the liquid because you want it to have a thicker consistency. This is an actual smoothie cool, you’re gonna have a smoothie, right so you want to if you want the bowl, reduced the liquid and add banana.

Let’s keep it as boxing so really pretty bowls lately. I’ve seen him make bowls and what they do they put the smoothing into so like in the middle and then they put all the fruits Yeah, it’s all so yeah, that’s that’s that’s cool. All right. That’s an easy one. Very, very simple and it’s delicious. Remember, we talked about trust me its good. if Aaqila says its good then its good.

we got to talk about healing foods that literally there’s a difference.

There’s a difference while blueberries are smaller and very, very easy. And here are the ingredients. So for this smoothie, you’re going to need a cup now when I talk about I don’t know measurements just half a teaspoon of ground ginger half a teaspoon of brown cinnamon, or smooth and to blend until smooth and crease the bananas and we’re to liquid at the bananas if you just simple and it’s delicious.

Remember we talking delicious here. Yes. Okay. All right. Trust me. If Cuba says good, it’s taken I have a great palette.

She will not eat it. She thinks I’ll eat anything but she I don’t know.

food that is good for your body. And delicious is salmon. Not Salmond, say it again for the people in the back, Salmon,the L is silent. I don’t want to hear that one person say, Salmond. Now I’m going to be honest, I’m not the biggest fan of salmon I think okay, let me let me backtrack. I unfortunately like salmon steaks, salmond steaks. More farm raised salmon is definitely not good for you. And so because they don’t make wild salmon and stay for him I just shy away from it’s pretty much the only way I’ll eat salmon. Salmon is one of those things though that it is absolutely good for you if it is wild caught Yes, it has been not the one where they put the food down right? No, because no no because sometimes you see it real real red. That’s food food coloring. They will tricky and it’s unfortunate that they do that because they know that people they know that people know that if it’s super red, meaning that it’s that wild caught healthier version. They also will tell you on the little plaque or underneath it. You have to pay attention to that. Especially Whole Foods they’ll tell you food coloring added. Yeah, sometimes on the package they’ll tell you to Yes. And they’ll also tell you if it’s wildcard or farm raised. So don’t be fooled by the color. You needed to see wild caught. Did you know that food dyes outlawed in a lot of other countries Yeah, the United States is only one of the few countries that allow food dyes. yeah they’re trying to kill us. Okay, boy, okay, so anyway, we definitely know that it’ll reduce inflammation and promote heart health. And the reason for that is because of the omega three fatty Acid, absolutely correct. So we have a bit Oh, and also, did you talk about or are you going to talk about the difference between actually eating salmon and the Omega three pills? No. Does it make a difference? It doesn’t really this is again today. It was about tasty and delicious food. Well, let me just say this. I know a lot of people don’t like salmon like me.

I don’t know like I’ll eat it. I’ll eat it because it’s not like roasted meat. But if you want to get those omega three fatty acids and you’re not particularly keen on salmon, and get yourself a fish oil pill, a good one. Well, you gotta be careful fish oil pills because a lot of them are rancid. So honestly the truth you want to know how to get a get the Omega three in your body? No, it’s always the food is better but flax seeds.

Oh yes, thats true. Flax seeds and chia seeds will give you your Omega three. I actually add a two teaspoons of flaxseed to my smoothie every day. You think the oil is always rancid. Think about oil for a minute, and how it’s packaged and got to get to the shelf and how long it’s gonna sit on the shelf but when they have to stabilize it, with what? So now so now you’re thinking that a lot of it is rancid most of my health food and certified health coaches and all the people in my space. Don’t do oil Yeah, because I’m new to them. Yeah, so anyway, okay. Well, chia and flax seeds, hence in smoothie. Yes, yes. But yeah, salmon also we have a good big salmon dish. Yeah, let me tell them what to do because you’re not crazy about now. I know how to cook it now. Salmon, salmon, salmon as you say.

them say for salmon’s about six ounces each get to some extra virgin olive oil is some lemon juice, Dijon mustard, garlic. And so what you’re going to do is you’re going to preheat oven, and you got to take the olive oil, lemon juice, and mustard and garlic thyme, paprika, salt and black pepper and you got to you got to start a stuff up, make it like a paste and you’re gonna spread across that salmon. I made this open okay, and you’re gonna put it you know, you line your baking sheet with the parchment paper. And you’re gonna whisk all this stuff together. You put it into baking sheets, bake it for 15-20 minutes. Voila. 15-20 minutes. Yeah. 375 yes on 375. I mean, yeah, I mean, and that’s another thing right? So with salmon, you can actually eat it, quote unquote, undercooked so you know black folks, they love overcooked fish. I don’t know why I like to say I don’t want to see no flesh. Well, that’s like the perfect temperature for Salmon you eat salmon raw. I know. It doesn’t have to be i Oh I know. But I like to see I want to see know that. Yes, I’m talking about yes.

Because this is the thing too like, if you’re going to talk about the nutrients. You don’t want to overcook it. Taking it out.

Salmon, please actually with any fish. Don’t need to overcook it. Yeah cuz you overcook it for you lose all of your nutruent. It’s dry like now that Dijon mustard in that garlic and all the rest of that will trap in the flavor in the moisture. But you still don’t want to overcook it so 15-20 minutes is ideal. Yeah, and the garlic because so you know the spices that are on here are also anti inflammatory like the thyme and the garlic that helps reduce inflammatory inflammation. Yes, easy on salt. Easy. All the salt varies. The next one. Now people say it a couple of different ways. They say a Tumeric Tumeric which I don’t is turmeric, Tumeric or they’ll they’ll say all types of well I’ll go by the way that people in the Middle East call it because they are they are the original people who have the spice so they say Tumeric I’m gonna say turmeric. Okay, so turmeric is a spice. It is commonly used in Indian and Middle Eastern cooking it contains a compound called curcumin, curcumin, curcumin? Yes, some people say curcumins. Yeah, we aren’t saying it right I think. Its not a curse word.

That property which has a strong anti inflammatory aspect to it and I am also not the biggest fan of Tumeric well I pop mine in the pill everything. I as well. I do tumeric powder in my smoothie or my juice and call it a day well I have I don’t cook with it really. I have a pill but there are a lot of people who do they love it they spiked because you know it really doesn’t have that much of a taste it just mostly just turn the cool yellow and that’s what I don’t like. Okay, all right, so it turns everything yellow. So I know let’s be honest, be careful with it. Yeah. Because if you have all of your utensils and your hand, you got your nails done yeah, and you handle a powder tumor here, everything’s gonna be yellow. But it doesn’t take what just a tiny bit. People are already using it. This is true. No and it really doesn’t take what a tiny tiny bit so we gave you guys a Tumeric lentil soup. So you know and lentils are what is again, delicious and anti inflammatory. Keep those things in mind when you’re making these. I’ve made all of these and this is a really good soup. So you have one cup of red lentils you want to rinse and drain them like rice and drain your lentils. And they’ll be all down. You have to rins just like right to rent or rent to lentils. You’re going to use onion, garlic, fresh ginger and Tumeric then you’re going to add cumin, cinnamon, okay, don’t be scared about that. You have to balance out the sweet with the paprika, a low sodium vegetable broth. You’re going to do a can or again I’m not doing the measurements because just due to taste, diced tomatoes drained. A cup of coconut milk, salt and pepper black pepper to taste and you’re going to fish it with cilantro now, the black pepper and the Tumeric are like husband and wife they are they are alike. You know you get you they are they are together because they’re black pepper will activate the tumeric and give it in starts activating your body all the properties that it needs to do so don’t forget the sauce. It gets into your blood. Yeah, so in a large pot you’re gonna start telling us who you know how to do this. So I saw you on hands until their meeting over medium heat excuse me until they’re soft and translucent, soft and translucent part because I’ve seen people this is a rush to

you gotta let that percolate marinate do his thing. Once it gets soft. And translucent. You’re gonna add your garlic and you’re gonna add your ginger, ginger Tumeric you add cumin, cinnamon and paprika into the pot and let that cook over the the garlic or excuse me the onions so that that can start to marinate and percolate as well. And then you’re going to add the lentils, the vegetable broth, diced tomatoes to the pot. You’re going to bring that up to a boil and then once it hits the boiling level, you’re going to reduce the heat and let it simmer for about 20 to 25 minutes or until your lentils are tender and just taste it as you need to adjust the salt and pepper to your liking to take the heat off, put in the coconut milk the coconut milk is gone beginning c’est quoi but it’s makes it taste and then you’re gonna see it again if you need to, and then that’s going to be that now once you add the coconut milk here’s the gotcha and the key to this to make it soupy because you can leave it as is but like why? Take either an immersion blender most people don’t. It’s like a straight up blender that you’re gonna use or just like a regular blender. Right. So excuse me until it’s smooth and creamy and then wants to garnish with cilantro serve and you’re done.

So you get in your your anti inflammatory and renews like Tumeric ginger, cinnamon and lentils are very high in fiber and protein which will help to reduce the inflammation and help

another problem Alright, so right through the fiber is really needed out here.

This isn’t one I struggle with.

You know I can add on even when it’s around but I’m not I haven’t

learned to cook it yeah and to cook it. It has to be a Dante you know the Intel Yeah, not overcooked you know. So broccoli. Yes, yes, yes. Hi. Do you remember when one of the President’s I can’t remember which one it was? I think it was Bush. He talked about broccoli and set the whole world into a tailspin. I don’t know how he said. He said he didn’t like it. But anyway, broccoli is a cruciferous vegetable that’s very different because different cruciferous crucifers No, because that murdered this year in the last two murder

leaves. Somewhere I can’t do but you know

anyway, broccoli has a compound in it that actually reduces inflammation and improve your heart. So if you don’t like it,

get over an ad over it. Okay, because now I like broccolini below small I know it’s like the longer the baby broccoli Yeah, because it’s not a super big but it’s longer. I like that title of broccolini I like that more than I like I don’t like broccoli, but it’s an every star frying on a man.

It is. So we’re gonna give you a salad made from broccoli or

not vouched for this one is easy.

You notice it’s just the four cups of broccoli and some almonds, red berries, onion, feta cheese, Greek yogurt, apple cider vinegar, honey Dijon mustard, and some salt and pepper. So you just kind of blanche to broccoli, but two to three,

blanching and when you blanch something, you’re gonna boil and you’re gonna get water, let it boil. You’re going to place your vegetable because you can blanch anything. And you’re only going to let it boil and that water for maybe at the max three minutes well, yeah, it don’t turn the water down. Let it continue to boil as it cooks. And then you’re going to immediately take it out of the boil water then the key is how an ice bath so ice and water right next to and then you’re going to place your vegetables in the ice water because that stops the cooking and it keeps the vegetable green or whatever color it is. And it shocks that sort of stuff because the workforce works for everything. All the vegetables, all the vegetables so you got to blanch broccoli, zucchini, carrots, you can even blanch spinach and greens and things like that if you want it to just depends on the flavor profile

that you’re going for.

Anyway, so you got to blanch and then what you’re going to do is in a large mixing bowl, you’re going to combine the broccoli, not the stocks, just the broccoli florets, yes sliced almonds, your dried cranberries, dice red onion and crumbled feta cheese and or goat cheese if you like and then you’re going to In a separate mixing bowl, whisk together the plain Greek yogurt, apple cider vinegar, honey Dijon mustard, salt and pepper. You’re going to mix the two together, toss it up and there it is.

Jodan refrigerator for at least 30 minutes. Yeah. And what is called broccoli salad is rich in anti inflammatory ingredients like broccoli to almost a cranberries of red onion. It’s just hey, again this is about eating something so you don’t feel tired we talked about the tired episode so the hiatus Haven’t you? Yes, yeah, you don’t get the itis when you eat these foods. Okay. Yeah. All right. Let’s go to the next one. Number Number five is easy. If you drink this option, I do.

I don’t really do straight because it can be extra but I do do blends with this and it’s it’s green tea. So green tea. So you know if you look at certain cultures, like the Asian community. You notice that they drink a lot of green tea. They drink it sometimes before meals after meals even during meals. Green tea has Have you ever noticed that people who drink a lot of tea can look better? They look better they acela is something with green tea or green long short black tea well but greasy and particularly antioxidant s and their digestion. is way better. There’s something to this and they’ve been doing it for centuries. I mean,

so many benefits. Yeah. I highly encourage me but people think this is great for anti cancer. The anti oxidants reduces the inflammation it makes you think better to it improves your brain function. I mean, now, honestly, green tea, not all green teas are equal. It’s like everything else out there. I found a green tea that is so pure and now like their crystals because they just dissolve in water is called Peak IQ you what are they are they are the best I mean they appear you know you’re getting green tea because here’s the other thing you gotta understand green tea is picked out in the fields and you can get the ones that are not organic, and you’ll be picking up all those pesticides.

Yeah, well, so you want to stick to organic tea in general, because most teas are sprayed with illegal leaves are sprayed with pesticides but yeah, green tea even rinse your hair with green tea because you know that its strength is the locals and protects it from damage.

I know there are certain colors you have green tea all the time. I just said they did.

They’re here today. Most of them live to be about 112 years old. And they look great. Well

that’s the very reason why and get some green tea right there. Okay. Is a key. Well, okay, so that’s our top five foods and something ways to eat them that we suggest that are healthy and delicious, healthy and delicious. Okay, well that concludes today’s episode. Okay, I’m so glad to have you back. Please tell the people where they can find because it was strong. Oh my god, that was calling and everything.

Reach us everywhere at Brown woman wellness on all social media platforms. You can also email us at info at Brown will We would love to see if you make these recipes. We want to see it we want to see if you mess it up. If you made a good just reach out to us. Let us know DM us on social media find us on Facebook or am I correct? Everyone will probably And yet reach out. Let us know how it went.

All right. So love this. All right. And

by the inflammation free sponsored by brown women wellness. If you want to know more in our podcast, check us out over on our website at Brown women or living inflammation Join our Facebook group at living inflammation free and coming soon our brown and wellness community group. Remember we are not doctors and any information shared by us is not medical advice. Please always follow your doctor’s advice

and don’t forget to rate and review our podcast and let us know what you loved about this week’s episode. And please subscribe to wherever you listen to your favorite podcast.

Don’t forget to find us across all social platforms at Brown wellness or living inflammation free. As always, show notes with links to what we talked about today in this week’s episode will be in the description box. Talk soon babes.

Energize Your Life: Banishing Fatigue by Eliminating Inflammatory Foods

In this episode, we dive deep into the age-old question, “Why do I always feel so tired?” If you’ve been experiencing a rapid decline in energy and a loss of zest for life, you’re not alone. Join us as we explore the 11 inflammatory foods that could wreak havoc on your body and zap your motivation. From margarine to candy, we uncover the culprits behind chronic inflammation and provide practical alternatives to revitalize your energy levels. Say goodbye to fatigue and hello to a vibrant life!

[0:00] Why do I always feel so tired? The million-dollar question why do people always feel tired?

[1:32] The benefits of removing inflammatory foods. 

Eleven inflammatory foods that make you tired.

[3:32] What’s the number one food that causes inflammation?

[7:57] Why are refined grains bad for you?

[11:30] Doughnuts, fried food, and sugar are linked to inflammation. 

[13:59] What to do when you’re tired? 

Get inspired and replace bad foods with good ones.

Speaker 1 0:00
Why do I always feel so tired? That’s the million dollar question. That’s a question that a lot of people ask themselves all the time. But today, we’re going to tell you why you always feel so tired. And not only that, we’re going to give you some solutions on how you can not feel so tired. So stay tuned and come back. Hey, brown beauties. Welcome to live in inflammation free with me. andretta. Robison, your functional nutrition health coach, and I’m Akela Harvey, we are Your mother daughter hosts bringing two different generations together bi weekly to give you easy, actionable steps to help read your body of chronic inflammation. Hey, hey, hey, and dread is here again, for another solo episode. Episode. I’m sorry, I miss my sidekick. But she’ll be here hopefully before this episode is over. If not, we’ll catch you on the next one. But today’s topic is one that I think resonates with everybody. And it’s that one we ask ourselves, sometimes in the middle of the day, at the end of the day, in the morning before you grab your coffee, why are you tired? Okay. So, you know, before I used to ask myself that question, as well, I have a lot of energy to me, you know, I can run circles around people, twice younger than me. But you know, that’s another story for another day. But I used to ask myself that. And when I started removing some of those inflammatory foods and other inflammatory things in my life, my energy level actually picked up. Because if you haven’t noticed, and I’m sure you have that the older you get, the more your energy can tank. And I mean, sometimes at a rapid pace. I mean, you like, Oh my God, why am I so tired, which is why so many people feel worn out and sluggish and out of it by the time they reach middle age. And they have this low energy. But it’s a feeling like you know, you feel like you’re losing your zest for life that you once had. And you may find yourself feeling weak and exhausted. And it just zaps your motivation. Big time, you know, you have all these plans for the things you want to do and but your energy is not you know, your your brain want to do it. But your energy level is just not there. What today, we’re going to talk about 11 inflammatory foods that could be wreaking havoc on your body causing you to be tired. Yeah, what you eat can make you tired. Also, what you think too can make you tired to thinking negative thoughts can make you tired as well. So why don’t we remind you to get rid of those negative thoughts in your life as well. But today, we’re gonna talk about food. So in case you don’t remember, we’re gonna remind you what chronic inflammation is. And that’s what we’re talking about here. Unlike acute inflammation, which is a short term effect, when you experience an infection or tissue damage, like a deep cut on your body. You know, that’s that’s infection. That’s acute inflammation. You know, there’s nothing wrong with that kind of inflammation. But chronic is that slow, long lesson. Sometimes it just stays there. And it can just go on for too long. So let’s find out about the top 11 level inflammatory foods that could be causing havoc. What’s number one? Oh, wonder anybody out there could guess what the number one food is. And it’s so crazy, because when I was doing the research on this, and I saw it as number one, I was like, Are you kidding me? Do people still use margarine? Do you? I bet you got some Blue Bonnet in your refrigerator. If you do. Throw it out. Okay, Blue Bonnet, muttering margarine is one of the top inflammatory because you put it on everything. Think about it, you’re putting margarine. If you’re not using butter, it’s ultra processed food did you know they made margarine out of plastic and it can cause inflammation in the body and negatively impact your heart health. Try using olive oil instead. Okay, if you must have it number two, sugar sweetened beverages. Whoa blebbing. So these these things here cause chronic inflammation, they release what is called cytokines, cytokines. And you might have heard that word during the pandemic because a lot of people were suffering from this release in pro inflammatory cytokines. So if you’re soda lover, I thought pop. This may be less sugar than those traditional sodas and gotta call no names, but you know, Coca Cola, Pepsi and all and people. There’s one out there called lollipop. Try it. It may offer some benefits. I’ll try sparkling water with some lemon, you know and put your favorite fruit in there like some strawberries or some Unlike that, but yeah, Ali pop is an alternative. It’s okay. The number three. Wow, this is a hard one for a lot of people to just be still my heart. This was a hard one for me to give up too. So I understand it’s fried food. Yeah, fried food can produce a compound call. Let me miss this word up real good acrylamide. Okay, it’ll be in the show notes if you want to find out what it is. But anyway, fall my scientific nerds out there because I know I got some nerds out there. Anyway, some data suggests that high consumption of this compound is linked to inflammation. Yeah, french fries. I know. I know. I know. I know. I know. I know. French fries it’s hard to give up. I found a way to bake them in the oven and make them crunchy too so it took me some research to do that but yeah french fries because you know what it is they’re using that same or over and over and over again. And so they’re not cleaning the oil in your fast food places if you’re at home you know and you’re probably using a clean all maybe not so bad but you know those people we know but a lot of people eat not all the time you know so you’re getting that french fries has been fried in those inflammatory oils. Okay, all right. Well, this is an obvious one number four is alcohol so all right is so much information out there because you know some people say well red wine is good for you How could it be inflammatory way you know, they not talking about drinking a whole bottle of red we talked about this in another episode on how easy it is to sit at home and drink a whole bottle by yourself but that’s moderate alcohol consumption appears to be associated with reduced inflammation moderate what was moderate Can you drink one glass or half a glass? I hope you can. excessive alcohol consumption has opposite effect now it’s pro inflammatory. So the daily guidelines This is the one that any you know, I never went by the FDA but you know, but hey, this is what they put out there. They recommend that people choose not to consume alcohol or limit alcohol intake to two drinks in less than a day for men and one drink less and a day for women. That’s been long the guideline but you know once you start drinking, they’re gonna give you some salty chips and you’re gonna keep drinking but anyway mocktails now this is one of my favorites. I’ve been doing mocktails because mocktails is Yeah, and ain’t got no alcohol it is much fun. But you know you can make them feel you know, so you know, alcohol is like a social event for most people. So sometimes you just find yourself drinking alone because other people are drinking but I now go to events and I make them make me a nice mock tale years just like the name sounds but hey, bad you know it’s a lot of varieties you can work with number five. Oh boy. Refined grains. What is a refined grain? Okay, I know y’all think we flowers healthy is not okay. Refined. Raw wheat flour has been stripped of slow digesting fibers and nutrients which means your body break them down very quickly. And the more your body digests a glucose containing foods the faster your blood sugar can spike. These spikes can spike your insulin level Okay, making it pro inflammatory. So refined grains are not good for you. Oh, yeah, so yeah, refined grains. Grains are found in bread sounds sounds like Yeah, yeah, yeah. So you know you gotta sandwich Oh sandwiches we say anyway said which? When you eat these breads and I’m gonna name Yeah, I’m gonna go ahead and name a few of them. That’s really bad because you see them on the shelf all the time. All right. wonderbread stay away. Sunbeam. Stay away. Oh, y’all think Pepperidge Farm is good, don’t you? That Pepperidge Farm farmhouse multigrain bread, bad inflammatory. Here’s one that I see people picking up and I know it’s good. Is that king of wine and sweet sliced bread, bad inflammatory again, just this is for your information. Just remind yourself when you’re buying it. You know, don’t eat the whole loaf. Okay, that’s what we that’s what we’re trying to tell you here. You know, I’m not saying don’t ever have it or but you know, the more you know, the better you’re going to do. Right? Number six.

Speaker 1 9:42
Oh my god. Yeah, plastic. Everything is in plastic and plastic is so inflammatory. Yes, I know. You know about BPA containers. Yes. As you know, they use it for packaging. It prevents the cam from rusting, you know, but BPA can leach into your food and it can induce chronic inflammation. All right, so many brands now advertising that the packaging is BPA free. So be free. You know, look for those if you can. All right. Number seven did that. Process meat? Yeah. Sausage, bacon. Hot dogs. Love that stuff, don’t we? But guess what is inflammatory. If you’re tired, you know, I eat a sandwich. So let’s let’s think about this. You got the Sunbeam bread. You put in the you put in the sausage or bacon between the toasts. You go out and all of a sudden you just get tired. You know how you eat sometimes and you’re tight. Here’s your reason. Okay. It’s the processed meats and yes, sausage, bacon and hotdogs fall on the process mean in case you didn’t know that. All right. Let’s go to the next one. Number eight. Okay, candy. I mean, duh. You’re just basically eating pure sugar. So and while it could be satisfying, you know, it could contribute to chronic inflammation. So just try to limit your intake on glucose, fructose, anything with that all set to end if you see it in the packaging is not good for you and it will make you tired. It’s it’s good going down. But you know about an hour later, you’re tired. You know, try to stay away from candy. Number nine. Oh, don’t kill me. Don’t kill me. Don’t kill me. Don’t kill me. How am I police officers out there. Hi. But I know y’all grab doughnuts every morning. Number nine is the Dow nut. So we already know that eating fried food and high quantities of sugar linked to chronic low grade inflammation. But when you combine them in one bite, like when you indulge in a doughnut, you’re gonna double whammy of inflammation, man. I mean, you’re gonna be tired. I mean, not tired tide. Number 10. Oh, man, this was a hard one for me because I like pasta is pasta. So it has a refined grain and it has a real low glycemic index. But when it comes to promoting inflammation, but it does have pro inflammatory can be linked to higher inflammation. Now, there are pastors now though, have you noticed on the shelf, their pasta is made out of all kinds of things. So you know, look at your ingredients. I like brown rice pasta, because it’s low inflammatory when I do make pasta dishes. Alright, number 11. And finally, we’re at the end because I know you guys are tired of hearing about these things. But I gotta tell you, right, I’m here to tell you. Oregon meat. Yeah. Wow. Liver. Ooh, we think livers good for us. Was organ meats. Okay, this food has a pro inflammatory potential. It is actually is chronic low grade inflammation. So just watch origami. Yeah. And that includes, Hey, are you chitterlings lovers out there? We know channeling is got to be inflammatory. And it is. But I know somebody wants to fight me for that. So fight me. Alright, so we know now that we get rid of these foods. We can be on a journey. It’s not a sprint. You can pick one at a time to eliminate and evaluate how you feel. Just you know, just all of a sudden go a week without and see how you feel. You know, I know we’re not trying to tell you to quit everything. And we know again that you know this thing of getting inflammation free is a journey, not a sprint. But if you find yourself tired all the time, continue to be inspired. Replace the bad foods with good ones, and your energy will soar. Alright, that’s enough for today. And you got 11 foods to work with. Eliminate into your diet. And as always, what do we always say at the end? Please, please continue. Tell your friends. Tell your family. Tell them about us. Find us everywhere. Download us. Email us. Please let us know what you’re thinking about this just so much better when we hear from you at info at Brown women And I’ll see you on the next episode. This is andretta Bye.

Speaker 2 14:47
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Can your detergent cause inflammation?

Today’s episode, we dive into the world of laundry detergent, exploring its ingredients, functionality, and potential risks. We also discuss the importance of switching to safer alternatives for the well-being of your family and the environment. Stay tuned as we uncover the secrets behind getting fresh and clean laundry without compromising your health!

[1:04] What’s in your laundry detergent?

[3:02] How does laundry detergent work?

[5:23] Bleach is highly toxic. 

[7:05] Our Picks at a Glance: What I use for laundry detergent.

The Safest Non-Toxic & Natural Laundry Detergent Brands (That Actually Work!)

[8:38] Why should you switch to a safer detergent?

[11:14] How to get a good-smelling laundry powder?

[13:30] Examples of healthy laundry detergents


To get the laundry detergent mentioned in today’s episode, go to

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Today’s episode is so exciting brown women, we’re going to talk about something that you would have never thought was causing inflammation. And it’s right there in your house. Today we’re going to talk about your detergent is your detergent toxic. Ah, stay tuned and find out more. Hey brown beauties Welcome to live in inflammation free with me andretta. Robinson, your functional nutrition health coach,

and I’m Aaqila Harvey,

we are Your mother daughter hosts bringing two different generations together bi weekly to give you easy actionable steps to help rid your body of chronic inflammation. Hey, hey, hey, brown babes. andretta here, Messiah, Kika be here shortly. She’s running a little bit behind, and we want to hold up production. So we’re gonna get started today, because I have a lot to say about our subject matter. Because who would ever thought that your household detergent could cause inflammation in your body? Because who thinks about it? I mean, you go to the store, and you some people just grabbed the least expensive detergent on the shelf. Some people I’ve seen people in the stores actually reading labels or people with, you know, sensitive skin, you know, they made that sensitive skin version, you know, and then when you go to the store, now, you know, you only see about two or three brands. And they they are under disguise of other names. And they all owned by the same company. But you may see those same brands. Well, today, we’re going to talk about some detergents that are not toxic, and we’re going to talk about why they’re toxic. So you may not realize how many problems your detergent has been secretly causing you and your family until you upgrade, you know, to toxic free detergents. So how does it attentional work? It works by removing the dirt and stains and odors from your clothing and other fabrics, you know, with a combination of chemical and mechanical processes. So you know you just most people just want their detergent to work. You know, just get the dirt out. And if you got boys oh my god, you want to get dirt and odors. I remember my brothers my mother. She relied on tie tied had her sold. I had two brothers that did nothing but play sports. I could smell their clothes from the laundry room. Okay, so she would throw in Thai but she also would throw in peroxide in the inside there as well. And then one time I thought I smelled some ammonia. No, I was like, Mom, what’s going on here? She’s like, it’s bad. It’s bad. So we really, really, really just want to touch instead of going to remove dirt and stain and odors. So we just want them to work. But did you ever stop to think about what ingredients are in your laundry detergent? Have you ever thought about how they could be making you and your family sick? Because they contain chemicals that can be toxic and inflammatory to humans. Here are some examples of what’s in your detergent, phosphates. Most and many detergents contain phosphates which cause harmful algal blooms. So it actually also phosphates and you’ve heard of it if you took your chemical class you remember they used to talk about phosphates, they just very harmful some of them are and then they also contain fragrances Now you would think okay, a fragrance How can a fragrance harm Mike harm me? Well, a lot of them have chemicals in them that are irritating to your skin, which irritates your respiratory system. Remember what you put on your body goes through your skin and goes into your blood. Okay, so then I want you to think about enzymes. Some laundry detergents contain enzymes it can be irritating to the skin and respiratory system, particularly for those who got asthma or allergies. So you got asthma allergies, did I forget to turn my phone off here? I believe I did. I’m gonna take a pause here for one second and turn off this phone. This is live. But you know what is real life? Right? Real life we leave our phones on. So I’m going to turn this off so it will not be interrupting us. Okay, there we go. Now, also sodium lauryl, sulfite, this very common to find in detergents to again, irritating your skin, your eyes and your respiratory system. And then you know who don’t want their clothes to be bright we all do. So now they’ve got these dyes and optical brighteners now they don’t have no cleaning power, but they act like a fluorescent whitening agent and they are designed to brighten your clothes you know masking that yellow of the plastic and clothing fibers so they also include those Ingredients in your detergent. So why is it best to avoid them? Many of them contain chemical substances. One of them is called Ben zine which is totally unacceptable according to the experts, it actually represents benzene represents an elevated risk and cancer and also can disrupt your reproductive system. Hello, women trying to have babies you wonder why. And we’re gonna talk about bleach now if you are in the black household, you got some bleach somewhere, you know, we live and die and swear by some bleach. I mean, I don’t think I stopped using bleach until I became I was an adult and I’m talking to a much much older adult, okay, because my mom and dad had me believing and if you didn’t put no bleach on it, it wouldn’t clean. Well, bleach is highly toxic, and it’s corrosive. Have you ever combined bleach with another chemical and just hope you did, because you actually me, bleach is so toxic. If you ever put bleach and combine it with certain things like ammonia, I’ve seen people combine it, and they can’t even stay in the room. I’ll be honest with you, I don’t even keep it in the house. I think I have a small bottle of bleach in my garage because I don’t know. I don’t know, because I think I’m supposed to have bleach but it’s highly toxic, it causes so many problems. It makes your skin itchy, you know how you get in and out of the pool. And sometimes you know, they have that chlorine bleach in your in the pools and you get out and you start scratching. It’s the same thing you know, so now it’s going through your blood, it irritates your skin. And we’re not gonna even talk about that irreparable damage to marine life. Okay, but these are carcinogenic products, and they are all in detergents. There’s another ingredient in there called one four, dioxane, dioxane or something like that. I may be saying it wrong. If Keila was here, she would love to correct me. But it’s a carcinogenic byproduct of the way they manufacture laundry detergent ingredients. So you if you turn over the buyback of your detergent, you probably will see some of these items, I’m pretty sure. That’s why it’s important to read labels. And don’t just grab the front billboard, I call that front product of every product, the billboard. And so the back of it is where you want to concentrate. So it’s important to read it. So why should you switch to a non toxic laundry detergent? And will it get your clothes clean? I mean, you want fresh towels, you want that fresh and clean? Feel, you know, but do you want to coat them with those synthetic chemicals that could potentially cause problems for you and your loved ones? Over time? No, we want real good smelling great smelling nontoxic laundry detergent brands. I’m gonna give you some to look for are they going to be on your grocery store shelf? Probably not. Okay, you’re probably going to have to go online, you probably can find a lot of them on our good old friend Amazon website. So why not choose a safer bet. So we did some research. And I’m going to tell you some brands that are recommended for the best non toxic detox detergents. And when I give you some now I’m gonna tell you what I use. I love Melaleuca what is that Melaleuca and it’s spelled and we’ll have it in the show notes. Let me mess up the spelling I think is MELAL. You see a is a brand that you have to have. It’s a multi level marketing of course you know I’m not part of no I don’t have time for multi level marketing, but I do buy it my detergent every month is delivered to my front door. And it is one of the greatest brands I’ve had. There is one you’ll also see on the shelf now called free and clear. is a very popular laundry detergent brand. And because the name is free and clear, you think I’m getting a good detergent. No, not not.

It’s been linked to everything from allergies and dry skin all the way to cancer. You’ve seen free and clear I know you’ve seen it I think is owned by tide too. But it’s got chemicals in it don’t fall for the Okey doke don’t fall for that name, the billboard free and clear. So anyway, let me continue on I want to tell you some more of these detergents that you can buy besides Melaleuca what you can do is go to and you will find it. But I’m gonna give you some more that we’ve researched, recommended brands that are down better for you, you know, because we don’t want you to have organ damage and all those other things. So here’s one branch basics. Now let me tell you about branch basics. I have some of that in my house as well. They send you what you gotta get, you’re gonna get a liquid. It is the same liquid that’s used for everything you can wash your dishes with it, you can wash your clothes with it, I noticed what I said to when I first got it. I was like, Are you serious, but let me tell you something, it comes concentrated, and you just make the strip whatever you would like for it to be. And then they have a powder if you need extra strength, what branch basics. I’ve had my branch basics now for almost six months, because it’s so concentrated you the cost savings and buying it and putting it in the bottles for spraying it to clean and also to wash your clothes with is phenomenal. Phenomenal. You save so much money by buying it and diluting it yourself. And it doesn’t have a fragrance is clean. Excuse me. If you want to smell good smelling one, you need one call attitude. Attitude, if you just look for the smell because you know some people when they take the closer they just want that smell. If you want to get one as unscented and fragrance free to besides branch basics, you got grab green, grab green again, we’re gonna have all these in our show notes. So you’ll be able to go find them. And then if you know if you are conscious of of the waste, and plastic blue land is a good one. It comes in a little small pouch, so it doesn’t even have plastic, but it’s good for people who are conscious of the ecosystem. And then of course, the most affordable. And I’ve told you guys about Thrive Market before Thrive Market is an online shop where you can go and find a whole I mean way cheaper than Whole Foods or any of these health stores out here. Thrive Market is cheaper. It comes quickly. They have about they have a brand called Rosie. It’s nice you like it. Now if you just want something organic because sometimes I wanted just a pure organic line, there’s one called Happy Earth. The best laundry power powder I’m sorry, is malaria. Then you know some of y’all like pause, you know, I’m not a big pot fan, because again, I’m trying to get rid of this plastic. But there is one that doesn’t contain chemicals. Excuse me, pardon me, it’s called drops. And then if you still use a laundry sheets, which you shouldn’t be using, because I know y’all heard it on the news about how the laundry sheets, especially the ones you put in the dryer contain a chemical that gets on the clothes that is carcinogenic and can cause cancer. So if you still doing that, stop it. But here’s an alternative if you want sheets, because some people just like sheets, it’s called Eco roots. Eco roots is organic, no toxic ingredients. And if you gotta have sheets, that’s the one you want to use. Now if you got boys, and you know you like none of this is gonna work for me, I need something that’s gonna be tough. There’s one called Dirty labs. Again, dirty labs can get rid of all that sweat and odors and have tough things. And if you got a baby don’t fall for that one on the shelf that says babies by the way, no call no names, but don’t fall for it. But there is one that you can find online call healthy baby. Beautiful, non toxic baby get your baby’s clothes clean and smelling good. Again, it’s called healthy baby. And then we got Molly says you’ve probably seen Molly Sud is for those delicate you know, if you really got you know, weak sometimes we got to wash our delicate little delicate so Molly says it’s good for that. And if you’re like me and you got hard water because I live in an area where the water is so hard that sometimes even these beautiful brands that I’ve mentioned don’t work. There’s a brand called truly free, truly free cups concentrated. And again, you take it and you can you know stretch it out but it will work beautifully at and hardware. So all those brands I just gave you truly free and all those online, I know you’re not going to find them on your grocery store shelf. I’m just gonna be honest with you. However, if you are a Tarjay fan and y’all know who I’m talking about talking about target, they actually have one on the shelf called nine elements. Okay, so you can go to Target and find your toxic free detergent as noninflammatory call nine the number Nine to letter nine. I mean number nine elements. And then Walmart got one too. Yeah, yeah, I know you’re still shopping at Walmart go is called go by green shield organic, go by green shield. So those brands are the safest natural detergent brands that actually work. Now all that may be overwhelming, but there’s no shortage of, of natural, non toxic, great smelling laundry search soaps and detergents on the market. So find them, use them. And tell us about it. Don’t forget to find this guy. Look, you guys, we need you to download us. We need you to join us. We need your voice if you know we think we give great content. I’ve heard from some of you guys, you know, you’ve emailed us and told us that we give you great content, but I need to hear from more of you. We are going to be here we’re not going anywhere. Every other week, we’re going to be bringing you great information to keep your body none. Talk I mean I’m sorry, anti inflammatory. So I want to make sure that you just tune in find us everywhere. If Kyla was here, this would be her job. She would tell you where to find us. But we’re everywhere just look for living inflammation free brown by brown women wellness. And thank you guys so much for tuning in for this episode and I hope to hear from you and see you so

thank you for listening to living inflammation free sponsored by brown women wellness. If you want to know more about us and our podcast check us out over on our website at Brown women or living inflammation Join our Facebook group at living inflammation free and coming soon our brown and wellness community group and remember we are not doctors and any information shared by us is not medical advice. Please always follow your doctor’s advice and don’t

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Don’t forget to find us across all social platforms at Brown women wellness or at living inflammation free. As always show notes with links to what we talked about today in this week’s episode will be in the description box Talk soon. vapes

How to Lower Your Blood Pressure and Cholesterol Naturally

Are you someone who struggles with high blood pressure or high cholesterol? We have some great news for you! In this week’s Living Inflammation-Free podcast episode, we share three proven hacks to naturally lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels. Whether you have heard of these before or not, it’s always a good idea to be reminded of the things we can do to improve our health. 

We also discuss processed foods as a major cause of high blood pressure and cholesterol and why they are so addictive. 

Incorporating these three simple things and being mindful of processed foods can make a big difference. Remember, consistency is key. 

[1:45] The Hazards of Processed Food

[3:17] Incorporating more natural ingredients into the diet.

[7:13] Using Gooseberry for Blood Pressure

[8:52] The Benefits of Brazil Nuts

[10:48] A Plant-Based Diet for Optimal Health

[12:52] The Importance of a Healthy Breakfast


+ Anti-inflammation Smoothie Recipe:

+ Download the living inflammation-free food and pantry Guide

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