Healing Can Taste Delicious: Nourishing Your Body with Anti-Inflammatory Foods

Today, we’re diving into the world of healing foods that nourish you physically and taste absolutely amazing. Get ready to indulge your taste buds while reducing inflammation and promoting overall well-being. Join us as we reveal the top five anti-inflammatory foods and provide you with delicious recipes to try.

[3:00] Top five anti-inflammatory foods that can heal you
[3:20] Blueberry smoothie recipe
[7:30] Salmon: how to choose the healthy version
[8:16] Difference between salmon and taking the omega 3 acid pill
[8:40] Flaxseed for omega-3 acid
[9:42] Salmon recipe and prep instruction
[11:40] Turmeric lentil soup for anti-inflammation
[17:40] The making of broccoli Salad: how to blanch your vegetables
[19:55] The benefits of green tea


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