Doreen Germany Exposes the Truth About Hormonal Disorders – What Every Woman Over 40 Needs to Know!

-Welcome to Brown Women Wellness “Wellness Warrior Interview Series.” In today’s eye-opening interview, we sit down with the incredible Doreen Germany, a Natural Health Counselor specializing in helping women over 40 recover from hormonal disorders and liver and gall bladder issues. This episode is a must-watch if you’ve been struggling with unexplained symptoms, mood swings, or just not feeling like yourself!

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

-The hidden truths about hormonal disorders that doctors often overlook.
-Natural and effective ways to balance your hormones.
-How to stay the course of living a healthier lifestyle.
-How liver and gall bladder health is crucial to overall well-being.
-Practical tips and lifestyle changes to reclaim your health and vitality.
-Real-life success stories from women who have transformed their lives through Doreen’s guidance.

Special Guest:
Doreen Germany
Natural Health Counselor
My Wellness My Life

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