Episode 50: Kevin Crowe on the Inspiration for “Give A Mile.”

Give A Mile is a nonprofit organization that provides flights for those that cannot afford to fly to be with a loved one who is palliative or critically ill.  They have just expanded to the U.S. and would love to get connected to families that need their flights.  

The Founder, Kevin Crowe experienced this power first-hand during the passing of his good friend Ryan who relished such visits. Once Kevin learned through Kulacauses.com that over 10 trillion air miles went unused in 2011 alone, Give A Mile was born. 

 Here is how the Give A Mile process works.

•  You will need an email confirming the medical situation from a nurse, doctor, social worker, or chaplain.  

•  You will need to fill in an application for each person requesting a flight.  Please make sure the info on the applications is accurate as Give A Mile uses this to book the flights (video is optional). You can fill out the attached application or do it via the web link https://Request.giveamile.org

•  Give A Mile will need the attached waiver signed and sent back by the person flying

•  Once Give A Mile have your application and waiver, they will take it to the flight review team for approval.  If approved they will connect you to the person that books their flights and she will coordinate with you.  If an emergency flight, Give A Mile usually can get it turned around in 4 hours once they have all the required documents.

 You can find out more about Give A Mile at  http://www.giveamile.org

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