Revisiting The Audacity Of Resilience W/ Farrah Bledsoe

In this episode we sit down with a long time family friend Farrah Bledsoe and talk about how life will offer you the chance to build a story of resilience. During our chat Andretta and Farrah share how continuous loss of family members, businesses and more forced Farrah to truly get in touch with her competitive side and grow out of the shell that others designed for her as she was growing up. 

While known to be the pretty one that always has it together – Farrah shares that her gifts of having a business mind, competitive spirit  and keen sense of opportunity have always been the core of her foundation. We dive deep into the power of knowing your story and how your story shows up in the way that you decide to live your life. We break down the power of resilience and the necessary mindset needed to push through everything life throws your way.

5 Ways to Build Resilience 

It’s common for people to credit their success to confidence instead of resilience. Resilience is one of the most overlooked character building attributes a person can have.  But not many people are able to explain how building one’s confidence is often based on how they  utilize resilience. 

It’s tricky, because life often throws different things at us, but overall we grow from the choices and accomplishments that feed our passion and make us feel proud of who we are. Discovering these fundamental things can be one of the most worthwhile pursuits of your life. Here are 5 ways you can begin building your resilience today and bounce back from tough times:

1. Get Things Done  

Resilience is built on accomplishment. If you achieve small and big goals, you’re going to feel much better about yourself after facing a hard time in life. Those day-to-day goals are what you need to accomplish things today, tomorrow, next week or three years from now to help meet your goal and heal from trauma.

2. Monitor Your Progress

Try to quantify your accomplishments: write down how you’re able to show up for yourself in hard times. If you’re able to exercise daily or be more mindful of the things you eat- write that stuff down. It is important to see how the small things can turn into big things while building up your strength at the same time.  Doing so  will help you stay on course, and you will build resilience as you see the progress you’re making in real time.

3. Exercise   

Besides benefiting your health in general, exercising helps memory retention, improves focus, helps manage stress and prevents depression. It’s harder to be anxious when there is no excess energy to draw upon, and outside of being difficult and uncomfortable at times, exercise improves every aspect of your life.

4. Think Long-term 

The foundation of unhappiness is a decision made for short-term comfort that impedes long-term goals. You have to decide if your short-term comfort is more important than your long-term goals, but know that long-term goals will bring you far more happiness in the long run than your short-term comfort. This is the fundamental element of resilience. The ability to have vision beyond where you are now and realizing where you need to be in order to truly prosper. 

5. Do More Of What Makes You Happy 

What do you love to do in your spare time? Whatever it is that you love, create space for it, because life is short- you need time to enrich your life and to recharge to be your best self. Living in the present is the best gift you can give yourself along with permission to enjoy your life. Time is precious- no matter how much life throws at you, your ability to take it, grow from it and move on better because of it will help you build a testimony that can change the world. 

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