30: NBA Prospect, LeCarbi Hill

The boys have some fun in this one! First, Jerry and Justin decide it’s a basketball podcast and talk BULLS, much to Frank’s chagrin. 3 Points for correct usage of that word! Woo! The Bulls Brothers? That might be too old of a reference. Anyway, they test Frank’s basketball knowledge by making up some player names. And in doing so, give birth to the All-American phenom LeCarbi Hill.
Once the “Sports Ball” podcast ends, they get into things like Jerry being petty if he ever had a son who was taller than him, how Justin would rip the trachea out of his kid if they sang better than him, and how Frank wishes his kids the best. What a great (maybe someday) Dad.
Afterwards, Justin brings in a game to play. Let’s call it… Head Cases.
And you know it ain’t Bummy Bears without a game of Would You Rather!

This podcast isn’t actually sponsored by Foot Wedge Custom Pens. YET. Wink wink. CALL US.

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Hosted on Transistor.fm

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