Crucial Conversations – TFYM #4

Wow, episode #4 is in the books! It was a late night getting home after recording and meeting with someone but completely worth it. I learned so much from our guests, and I’m grateful for the trust they placed in us with the information they shared. There were some real sad moments last night with plenty of tears, but Justin and I knew launching this podcast would mean hearing some tough truths.
We have thick skin and can handle it, but the depth of this issue is truly staggering. We’ll choose our battles wisely, and our team digs deep to uncover what you, our listeners, want to know.
Huge thanks to Hunter’s mom for sharing her experience and story about her son. We also want to express our gratitude to the amazing Will County Coroner, Laurie Summers, for joining us. Both Laurie and Hunter’s mom have graciously agreed to return for future episodes.
I understand some listeners had mixed feelings about having the Coroner on the show. Let me assure you, Laurie Summers is the only elected official who has dedicated countless hours to working with me on mental health initiatives. When I say countless, I mean it! Dan Jungles, the Will County Sheriff, isn’t an elected official, but he’s also been incredibly supportive and responsive in our discussions on this crisis. Laurie and Dan are a true power couple, and I’m so appreciative of their willingness to always answer my calls and emails.
Just a reminder, my focus is mental health, not politics. Politics drive me crazy! Most politicians seem more interested in grandstanding than actually helping people.

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