The Smoothie Solution: Calming Inflammation with Homemade Recipes

Are you looking for a delicious and healthy way to start your day? Then look no further than our inflammation-free smoothie! Today in the Living Inflammation Free Podcast, we will share with you the basics of creating the perfect smoothie to calm inflammation in your body. Plus, we will talk about whether store-bought smoothies are worth the hype.


We will also share the best blender for your smoothie that keeps the flavor and lasts longer- Aaqila has been using hers for five years! 

Do you have questions about your wellness routine and boundaries?

In this episode, we are all about community and wellness, so let’s jump right into it.

00:08 Introduction to today’s episode.

02:47 What is living inflammation-free?

04:16 The perfect smoothie blender: Vitamix vs. other Blenders.

06:52 Are store-bought smoothies worth the hype?

13:45 Why Wild blueberries belong in your smoothie

16:24 How to make a smoothie creamy.


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Hey, brown beauties Welcome to livin inflammation free with me Andretta Robinson, your functional nutrition health coach and I’m Aaqila Harvey. We are your mother-daughter hosts bringing two different generations together bi-weekly to give you easily actionable steps to help rid your body of chronic inflammation. Chronic inflammation is the root cause of many health issues in our community and is running rampard. Living inflammation

free is about creating the future life you want to have to live happy, healthy, and full of energy. It’s about releasing fear so you will never have to worry about doctor’s visits. We teach you how to live with choosing food choices without compromising the taste. We provide you with science-based information to help eliminate chronic inflammation through nutrition and lifestyle

once we know what choices we have, we can do better because we know the struggle to stay healthy is real. We invite you to come as you are but leave inspired to become your best healthy cells. So

let’s get started.

Hey brown beauties. We’re back.

We are back in this thing back in

this thing so you got anything new to report to the people out there Aaqila about your anything happened

I’m trying to figure out where are you trying to go with that?

I was gonna say You know what, if anything happened to you they think you want to share with the audience over the last two weeks, last time?

Not really no. Let me tell you life has just been doing what it needs to do. And I have no complaints. Just living the dream

as they say. You? I guess the same but still trying to adapt to you know, getting rid of inflammation. So today, we’re gonna talk about the perfect smoothie. We’re going to talk about how to combat inflammation in your body through a smoothie. In other words, you’re going to drink your vegetables. That’s pretty much where we’re going with this instead of this. A lot of people have so many problems getting the veggies in. We’re going to talk about smoothies from every direction we even gonna talk about storebought smoothies, I know you know they are out there so these are no you know they’re out there. And will they give you what you need, you know, because we know smoothies is a perfect way to start your today. Especially when you’re in a rush or in a hurry like most people are. So we’re going to give you the basics of making a great smoothie with the best equipment to use and tips on how to keep your ingredients ready. So all you have to do is just drop them in your blender and go. So stay with us. We’ll be right back.

What is living inflammation Free to live inflammation free means to remove toxic foods, toxic people and toxic environments from your life and replace it with nutrient-dense foods. People who can uplift you and environment you can thrive. At Brown women wellness Our vision is simple it is to change the way people eat one bite at a time. Healthy food does not mean eating unsavory food. With spices and herbs, sauces and savory flavors. Healthy food can be tasty, and we aim to show you how to make it easy recipes because we know what your busy schedule can be. We’ll show you how to navigate out to bleed ingredients and milk wrap if that’s your thing, because we know the struggle is real to cook every day you can visit For tips on how to live inflammation free where you also will find the recipe and you can join our brown wellness Facebook group and coming soon the brown wellness community you can email us at info at Brown with any questions or suggestions on things you would like to hear on our show don’t forget to like and subscribe to us on Apple and now you can find us on YouTube.

Alright, so we’re back. And so this is all about creating the perfect smoothie. And let’s start with the basics. So I think the most obvious thing that you will need more than anything is the actual blender to create the smoothie.

Now we’ve talked about blenders before and that’s why probably seems so familiar. And and now a lot of choices out there for people to purchase. You know dollars depends on your budget. You know I’ve had probably every type of blender you can have and then one day I discovered Vitamix. I was when I discovered Vitamix I thought I had died and went to heaven. First of all that was a sticker price shock. I achieved 85 and $55 for blenders. You know I had my NutriBullet and all that stuff. And every time what was happening to me is the blenders will work for about maybe a few months or so and then you know they get go away and it just it plus they stopped giving you the consistency that you wanted that real smooth consistency and then dangling. It comes to Vitamix. Let me tell you some Vitamix. I did I know Keela Did you notice that you know that people leave Vitamix is in the wheels. They pass them down from generation to reaction but people actually put their vital mixes and leave them for the next generation. That’s how long a Vitamix can last.

I mean I’ve had my for five years now I think yeah, going on somewhere nearby.

I works at like I did when I first bought it. I mean they are timeless. Now what I did discover about them. You know the base, the cup that you put your ingredients in. I didn’t know they had a stainless steel version.

They have all types of different versions. They have stuff for if you want to make breads and those and postures they actually have a base for that they have a stainless steel they have to plan for that I even have a one that has glass and plastic

combined. I haven’t seen that and I discovered the stainless steel one it was just washing go all I had to do that stainless steel one is just like stainless steel everything else you just rest it out and just keep moving. You know you got to sit there with your hand and struggle and try to clean so much like the plastic one. So I mean I thought I had discovered go you know, but it’s a high speed blender, and it’s an investment, but it’s an investment that gives you a lot of return. In fact, we’re going to talk a little bit more about the Vitamix in another episode where we talk about I spend a lot of time on that. So so when you when your whole food I call my smoothies, Whole Foods smoothies, now you know, a lot you know, okay, they got smoothie shops. And they got you know, you can almost literally go places now and get a smoothie. But what I have noticed is that they’re giving you smoothies for sure. Okay, and so the sugar shot I mean, we’re trying to eliminate sugar is a inflammatory, so natural sugar is not okay, natural sugar meaning your fruits. Okay, that’s okay. But what we want to do is have a real healthy balance in your smoothie a proteins and fats and complex carbohydrates. You want to you want to create a nutritional trifecta. Okay. That is the key to fill in full because you also want to feel full after you have your smoothie because a smoothie can take you through. It could be your breakfast, it could be your lunch, you can take up at least four hours. What about up late can I take you through four hours if you take any longer than some? Yes, it depends on the ingredients that you put in there. Again, if you put things in, it’s gonna give you a sugar rush. You’re gonna get hungry fast, because that’s what we know. Sugar is a craving and your body start craving for more. So so let’s talk about how to make a smoothie. What goes in it first. So there’s a balance in here. So you gotta need your liquid. That’s how you got to start. Oh, you know what, I

take that back.

I used to start with my liquids. Let me tell you why I stopped starting with my liquid because as a two cups of liquid and have too much smoothie.

I absolutely started with it with I just

changed this. Let me tell you my ingredient called the opposite now. Now I put in all of my other ingredients and add my liquid last well because it comes off those ingredients, just enough of me to make a single serving because single serving

well. I used to run into that issue but then I just put in like a little bit of liquid not a little bit but a moderate amount. Then I put everything else in I could keep liquid on the side because once the Vitamix was that’s what I use is going it’ll stop at a certain point. If there’s not enough liquid out. I’d like to add the liquid to the top then it keeps it going.

So okay, so see I use it a lot. That’s because it goes hand in love.

Take that off and just put a liquid in our going and then if you stopped for whatever reason, because it’s too big. It’ll start to thin it out and it keeps going because if I do it the other way around, it actually hurts your blades. If you don’t put the liquid first.

I haven’t had that experience but I understand where you’re coming from but typically you do start with one to two cups of liquid. Now the liquid can be what a seed milk of your choice. It could be a nut milk of your choice,

or water or

I use apple juice. And he’s alive but

I’m just a little I’d rather put the outer apple juice. I’d rather put the apple and then use the apple juice but I use now recently Okay, so you also got coconut milk you got almond milk, coconut water, oat milk, rice milk, you know all these different just don’t put any dairy in there. Don’t start with no whole milk please. Okay. Recently I’ve got a trick and it’s saving me so much money. I now blend one cup of oatmeal. Oatmeal that you make all meals with two cups of water and the vitamins because the Vitamix, blends it up so and turns it into I’m making my own log and I’ve saved myself so much money. Now of course I have to shake it up every time I eat doesn’t have any additives in it. Because what’s happening here is the ones who are buying in the stores have additives that’s why they’re able to stay in consistency that they’re in when you use them. So just it’s just a little side note is better. Again, we try and stay anti inflammatory here. So we read our ingredients and please read your ingredients on your nut milks and you see milk and your coconut water. A lot of them have added sugar added oils and that you don’t need because those are all inflammatory, but those is that’s where you start with your liquid. Okay, next is your greens. Yes, you’re gonna put greens in your smoothie. Yes, I know. I know. You and I do but that’s not what a lot of people normally do. That’s nice. It’s not normal. So we can’t think of it as normal. But let me just say this. You’ve heard us talk all the time about getting greens in every day because greens are one of the keys to anti inflammatory. I mean, various. What are some of the greens that you could use? And let me give you some heads to about grazing. You’ve heard me talk about this too. You got kale. You got the greens from the beets? Yes, yes, you can use those leaves. You don’t have to throw away those leaves. It’s all those beats when you Bobby It’s you got swiss chard, you got spinach and of course you got romaine lettuce. My favorite go to is kale and beet greens, because especially the greens on the beat, because when I had that episode of high blood pressure, the B grades were working to lower my blood pressure. So if you got blood pressure issues, being grateful dead, smelly, definitely take care of help take care of that. Now, you all know I like everything in my smoothie to be frozen. I like frozen things because I want to I want to cold and I’ll use any ice. So one of the keys I thought about this before too, is to buy your greens, washed them and store them in a Ziploc bag and put them in your freezer, put them in your freezer, and then when you’re ready to use it. You take your hand and just smash that bag so you just smash those greens because they’re frozen then you smash them into a lot of little pieces. And you’re gonna take a handful or a couple and throw it into your smoothie. I’m gonna do a video on this one day and show you what I mean. I walk around with a wellness people posted in the Facebook group. Her Ziploc bag full of kale. Everybody thought it was weed and I want you to know she had more we had more responses on that. How to make a flu fit. Everybody was making responses about hey girl when you get that we was and we need to show him it was a kale. Okay, so, so that’s one thing. So you want to get in one, two cups of greens. I put two cups in mind and then you got to choose fruit Now I’ll be honest with you, you can put two cups of fruit you can mix and match the fruits but I’m gonna give you another little hit. Get you some grapes. Clean your grapes red grapes by the way not green because the redder they are the more anti inflammatory they are. Get you some grapes cleaner. Freeze those because what do they do? They can serve as your your ice. So you got to take the grapes, put them in a Ziploc bag and just get a handful of grapes and throw it into your smoothie along with your strawberries. Your wild blueberry oh by the way, wow. Blueberries you guys. I had no idea that wild blueberries did all the things that they do. Wild blueberries has more antioxidants in the more nutrients than any of the berries. So not just those regular blueberries now because you see those at a store. I’m talking Wow. You had to really look for those. There’s a real tiny

frozen in the frozen food section. From stores. Target.

Yeah, because it’s Wyman’s brand. And pineapples, pears aren’t these apples whatever you fancy bananas, whatever you fancy you can use in there as long as it equals to two cups. Okay, now we want to make it green. Throws herbs now I like like herbs is this as well put my seeds know what to do because I want to get my omega three fatty gases in and I don’t eat a subtitle eat any meat right now. I have to get it through my feed. So I always have seeds, so you know so I’m getting that and then you’re gonna powder there are so many products. I mean you can hit or swim. If you want to make it really premium, you could throw it in the protein powder, ones that Truvada. She makes one that tastes like a milkshake. She has a vanilla vanilla chai chocolate. But you can powdered and you can also throw in the green powder. What is it the one that you buy? At age 81 and a green Athletic Greens Yeah, if you want to if you don’t get time to be doing all of those stuff just throw in there. You know you could throw in athletic rings if you like you know just so you can get to greens in that way too. And I noticed sounds like a lot closer with the smoothie is remember is replacing a lot of your nutrients for the entire day. So if you don’t eat one vegetable the rest of the day you catch as you’re writing your smoothie. Okay. The other thing is I don’t want herb and my favorite one is I’m entre. Yes, tasted now you can’t eat they don’t taste at all so much of the reason I chose a larger one mine is because Cilantro is good for the thyroid. And so I am using things that I know that address any issues I’ve had or have had or whatever so I throw that in or you can do personally you got basil and don’t forget ginger. You can throw a little Nava ginger, you know, you st ginger in stores make sure you get organic ginger by the way because ginger is one of those things that collect a lot of pesticides, but get you organic ginger and just take them off one global jobs and throw it away and if you want to the other want to make it creamy. Okay, that’s it and we’ve been before then we want to make it a little creamy. So how can we make it creamy avocado, bananas, mango, nut butters, any of those things will make it creamy. And now we’re ready to turn air. The Bite of the Vitamix it makes my oh my god market but, you know So yeah, that’s do that’s going to give you a very smooth movie.

I’m the lazy girl here. Let me just tell you what I do. There’s a company Koblin topia, blend topia actually has a political swing. You can see it and you tell us whether or not I’m on the right track to like

read the ingredients.

Okay, so they sell and Tobia at Whole Foods, my buyers directly from like us. But what it is is you have to blend so they have these right so I’m gonna say they come in like a little they come home Whole Foods. Then they put like the super, super food and I’m gonna say really well which is this one right here. So this one, it doesn’t look like this by the way. It comes home. Is it nutrition effects. It has energy they have Monster Energy, they haven’t Keesmaat smoothie. They have all these different types of smoothies to crazy ingredients. Yeah. crazy to me should have thought so they have pineapple banana, blueberry, coconut, cinnamon and then they have a superfood chips which is a chia seeds flax and I have this every single day because we go smoothie. And this one has pineapple bananas mango. Hemp seeds, flax seeds, goji berries. Kima. I don’t know what that is

into words. So it’s following a formula. It is already

no it’s not already made. It’s pretty it’s already frozen for you. Okay. It’s not quite as a whole ingredient and we will accept it. I do. I use these packets. And then I use apple juice and water and then I’ll put in other things I put in my green powder. I’ll put in what do you call it? It’s a protein that helps with elasticity of the skin and in the nail. You know what I mean? Right there but it’s like that collagen pungent. It’s a vegan collagen that I put in. Because colons are caused by animals to put in a super super mushroom which has Rishi few different mushrooms with that powder however, it’s made by a wet cleaning actually, that powder. I just started that I started adding mushrooms. But I do add the mushrooms the beet powder the collagen 81

I want to give you

the reason why I do apple juice is because I liked the taste. He wants to give it just a little too sweet. But I have to add honestly if I didn’t add anything to it which I’ve done many many times I’m good to go yeah

but it’s the lazy girl way couldn’t have gone into blender. Man already seven ingredients. You know it’s a me cost wise is the same as if you go out to Starbucks you say I’m glad I have a smoothie in store for her pack for and this pack the pack that they have just pulled people to smoothies. I said

why use well hold on hold on. Let’s try it out is the lazy girl with it.

New transit. Okay, okay, cool. So you guys got some two year old movies, you know, challenge you to send us your favorite smoothie recipes. So you can go into our Facebook group if you’re not a member, go join at the brown women wellness basics group. Go share something you can send us you know things to info at Bronwyn wellness comm you can communicate with regardless now you’re out there talking so now let’s see how did you feel when Jack Yeah DJ studio now you know they have to have this energy they have to feed off their own energy because while we’re looking at their two three camera cameras

I have this why don’t you share with us what you don’t like let’s switch it oh enemy because I have before I just my method. I make some really you know it’s always this is why people like to go into you go every time you trying to make something out right? Even if you’re not trying to mend this. This will just come out

as a formula and we’ll put this form on our website you’ll be able to go to in our newsletter and our newsletters well you’ll get this formula and who is leaving me loves chocolate. A man said to me, what do you make of

the kitchen? smoothie I was I want to jump up or down and just

make one every day every day. So I might I mean if he finally gets some of our people what to do just gotta show and you know so I think he will be tracking later. On. All right, so there’s hope for everyone. In closing, this is it. We hope that you’ve learned something about smoothies that you’ve probably never heard before because you know about a real deal in your salesman, or

even one

yeah, this is the show where we’re gonna give it to you.

Everywhere on social media, on Instagram and Facebook, you can email us a picture with whatever info at Brown If you go to our website, you can also sign up for our newsletter where we share a little bit more in depth detail on just all beings around women and wellness.

All right, so we’ll see you guys next time. May

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