TFYM #1 – Kris Martin

Last night, we finally managed to align our schedules with our first guest and record our podcast. I commend Kris Martin for bravely sharing his story, despite ongoing legal proceedings. Kris and I recorded an audio podcast together last winter when the horrible situation had just occurred, but we held off releasing it due to legal reasons. I am happy to announce that Kris won his lawsuit with flying colors, and he deserves every cent he received for the mental and physical harassment he endured.

When you listen to this podcast, I hope you take away one crucial lesson: take the time to ask questions before making assumptions. More often than not, there are sides to a story that you are unaware of. If people had done this before the situation escalated, they would have seen Kris as he truly is, rather than the monster he was portrayed to be. We were limited in what we could discuss due to other pending lawsuits, but we hope this episode sheds some light on the truth

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