They Lied to You About What’s Healthy

In this episode we break down the power in “studying to show thyself approved.” Oftentimes many of us take what we hear from others as truth without researching things for ourselves. One of the most dangerous areas to commit this mistake in is your health, wealth and time. If anyone should be diligent about the preservation of your quality of life, it should be you.  

We talk about the common misconceptions of what seems to be healthy based on smart advertising and marketing versus what is actually good for you. We share how we were able to decipher the rhetoric sabotaging the healthy food industry and ways you can avoid falling for the illusion. As brown women around the globe we are targeted continuously for our buying power. 

CNN recently posted that “new data released (shows that) employers cut 140,000 jobs in December (of 2020), signaling that the economic recovery from the coronavirus pandemic is backtracking. Digging deeper into the data also reveals a shocking gender gap: Women accounted for all the job losses, losing 156,000 jobs, while men gained 16,000″. This means that more women will be looking for ways to deal and cope with sudden changes in their lifestyle.

 Many lean towards food consumption and engaging in health centered activities. We believe that a clear understanding of knowing who to listen to, what to believe and how to research for yourself will be vital for women in America within the coming months. Dealing with a virus that targets all people has prompted an uptick in the sale of vitamins and what is deemed “organic” and or healthy food. 

As we dig deep into making this year the best possible- we want to encourage you to sit still. Don’t run from your thoughts. Pour a cup of our amazing tea and have time to and for yourself to deal with how fast this life goes by. Know that you are equipped with everything you want and need to have, be and get everything you want and need.  We are here for you Brown Babe. Don’t forget to join our Facebook community to ensure you have the sisterly support you deserve and need. 

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