34: Speaking of Beards.. (feat. Cedrick)

Ever think the Bummy Bears might be racist??? Well guess what! We brought in our 4th Bear. Our 4th Amigo. And guess what! He’s black, and he’s our beard!
Anyway, today on Bummy Bears, our boy Ced finally comes on the pod! We talk about things like Jeremiah’s Hollywoodian Beard vs Neck Beards vs Jaw Beards. Justin being a Family Chauffeur, Frank catches some heat over the TikTok, and Ced has an encounter with a lady who’s figured out the password. Wink wink.
Oh and B gets electrocuted!!  And the rest of the boys don’t miss a beat.They continue talking about Incognito searches using Ask Jeeves.

Also, this is our first copyright claim! So I hope you fans appreciate the bit! 😂

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Hosted on Transistor.fm

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