Revisiting Episode 4, an interview w/ Pamela Pelt-Robinson

Jumping rope for most may seem like a child’s activity but for a Chicagoland woman it was the unifying element of a life changing purpose realized. Brown Women Wellness founders Andretta and Aaquila sit down for an enlightening discussion with 40+ Double Dutch Club founder Pamela Robinson to talk about all things health and wellness for brown babes around the globe.

During this podcast, the strength of unity and organization rings deep within the realms of the mental fortitude needed to embrace what it is that you love in order to give your body what it needs to be strong. The women break down the perks of working out without it feeling like a chore and the added benefit of sisterhood being sprinkled on top of it. While reminiscing on the last opportunity they had for such a refreshing activity- the women recalled in shock, highlighting their early teens. 

While dealing with transitioning to an empty nester and challenges within her marriage, Pamela saw the Double Dutch club as something all her own that gave her mental peace and support. A random jump rope in the trunk of her car led to a national movement encompassing over 12 thousand women. Her goal to provide a safe haven for physical exercise, connection and accountability has assisted in redefining what age appropriate past times are. She saw a chance to create a space and opportunity to work out that made being healthy a priority. Pamela sees the 40+ Double Dutch Club as a way to support and galvanize minority communities under the umbrella of physical activity worldwide. Double Dutch isn’t for kids any more; it is for anyone that wants a full body workout that assists with keeping your mind and social skills strong as well. 

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