Did you know? Toxic items to look out for

This episode is packed with “Did You Know? We share some toxic materials we use and take daily that you may not know of. This include chemical oriented air fresheners and their healthier alternatives; Root canal, how to take care of your teeth so that you don’t have a root canal because they have been associated with a host of chronic, systemic health problems; And organic tea vs your conventional tea.

Do you have questions about your wellness routine and boundaries?

We are all about community and wellness in this episode so let’s jump right into it.

[02:54] Did you know Febreze contains over 80 toxic chemicals? Healthier alternatives to Febreze

[08:36] Did you know that root canal if not done well can be associated with host of chronic, systemic health problems? Healthier alternatives for your teeth

[12:03] Did you know that most popular oat milks are not healthy? Toxic ingredients to look out for in oat milk

[13:19] Did you know that most tea is not washed and contains pesticides when put in the tea bag?

[15:44] Do you know the difference between GMO vs non GMA products? 

[23:06] More About Us & Our Mission & How to Be featured on our podcast


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