35: Bummy Bears Presents: Bomb Squad Episode 1 – Pictures and Empty Promises

Years ago, back in 2017, Jerry and Honorary Bummy Bear Cedrick recorded a few episodes of their podcast. From Jerry’s Grandma’s basement. This is Episode 1! Enjoy and feel free to critique!
In this episode they talk about: The origins of the name Bomb Squad, the problem with sexting, Comedy aspirations, and the boys read a text exchange between one of Cedrick’s (then recent) TERRIBLE sexual partners. Jerry gets to stretch his acting chops by reading the role of the lady! Excellent!

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Change the ingredients not the menu

This episode is about expanding your mind to change your palate and ingredients so that you can live longer. 

Do you have questions about your wellness routine and boundaries?

We are all about community and wellness in this episode so let’s jump right into it.

[5:26] Making healthy food choices, the key is in your seasoning 

[6:59] Swapping your favorite ingredient with a healthier version 

[9:02] Healthy morning routine swap

[12:33] Some breakfast swaps to help you conquer your day

[13:39] Lunch swap: stay away from troublemaker foods. Download a list of troublemaker foods

[14:53] Eggs: why they are inflammatory. Read the scientific study in Cleanse to Heal book page 62

[20:09] Dinner substitute: how to prepare healthier chicken.

[24:29] More About Us & Our Mission & How to Be featured on our podcast


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58: Freedom in Sobriety – Break the Chains of Alcoholism

“Philadelphia Freedom”…. As Mike starts singing… Most of us in our throws of Alcoholism are chained … or owned by the next next drink or bottle of booze. Listen in at the Sober Coffee Shop as Mike & Glenn talk about how FREEING sobriety is and how the steps of AA can break those chains. Listen in to our coffee chats (not Mike’s singing…)

31: Struggle Mentality

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100: “I’m Not Randy” and The Stand-Up Prognosticator

The guys discuss the world’s most expensive, bedazzled kitchen utensil, how to build infinite wealth two gold bars at a time, and Damon protects his family by repeatedly destroying deadly countertop piñatas.

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