27: We Needed to Blur That Out

This week the boys discover how accurate the Tik Tok Attractiveness Scale truly is (turns out it’s SUPER ACCURATE). Then they try to make Aquaman cool (can it be done? (probably not)). Afterwards, they talk about what their favorite cartoons were growing up in the 90s/ early 2000s.

And one of the Bums is tasked with figuring out how the heck to blur something nasty (yet educational!) out of a video. With minimal editing skills! Can it be done? Come find out!

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Do you have questions about your body and how to navigate getting your health in order? We are in the same boat. During this episode we talk about the facts, the myths and the legends regarding women of color and their health. This week we will dig deep on issues dealing with sleep, anxiety and stress. 

[4:55] The Mindset Moment – Book of the Week- 

The Game of Life and How to Play It

[7:35] The Impact of Stress As a Medical Symptom – Stress Triggers

[10:15] Ways to Decrease Stress & Prioritize Your Health- Tips to Decompress

Brown Women Wellness – Do Not Disturb Tea

[21:12] Breakdown of Sleep Disruptors –  

Things That Can Interfere With Your Sleep

[24:50] Community Interview with Terry Anderson Founder of www.MsHempLady.com – The Benefits and Business of Hemp

[37:17] Honesty Moment
[42:46] More About Us & Our Mission & Who to Follow Online 

Want Andretta’s “Covid Cocktail” As seen on Instagram?

A cup of Warm Water

Add fresh squeezed lime

Elderberry Colloidal Silver (as instructed)

Zinc (as instructed)

Oil of Oregano (as instructed)

Vitamin D (as instructed)
Vitamin C (as instructed)


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