We are proud to present Executive Director and Co-Founder of ROMP, (The Range of Motion Project), Mr David Krupa!  David has facilitated the provision of custom-made prosthetic devices to over 4,500 of the Western hemisphere’s most vulnerable individuals through a delivery model emphasizing high-quality clinical care, local investment; and advocacy. An amputee and prosthetist, he believes mobility and health are critical components in an individual’s pursuit of life’s many aspirations. When not busy working, Krupa spends his time outdoors. His passions include climbing; every year since 2015, he has been leading teams of adaptive climbers to the summits of glacier-covered volcanoes in Ecuador to raise awareness and funding for the ROMP mission.  The AMP’D UP211 Video Podcast is hosted by Rick Bontkowski, a right-below-knee amputee.

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