Biking With the Bulls and a Shot of Horse Blindness

The guys discuss when a car warranty can save your life, a caretaker that rakes and waters Italian loafers, and how when the chicken’s frozen the victim is not a relative.
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Bonus Drop: Emil – 12th Step Work – Chicago Jail System

Join Mike & Glenn in the Sober Coffee Shop as Emil joins to share his quick story of Experience, Strength & Hope, then does a deep dive into his AA Service Work in the Chicago Jail System. Certainly a challenging mission. Check out as his mission is to “Put A Book In Jail” – For each AA 24 Hour Coin Purchase – You also put an AA Big Book in the hands of a “detainee” in the Chicago Jail System.

Glenn & Mike will attest that these are the best quality/cool coins we have ever seen.

Nice Work Emil !!

29: If It’s Ugly, I’m Out

Another fun episode incoming, folks! Today the B-B-B-Bummy Bears talk seasons that blew their minds! Archer, Game of Thrones, Futurama, and more! Also lots of anime talk (Jerry checked out) and Futurama talk (Justin checked out) and Frank vows to watch a few episodes of The Office (he HATES The Office) if we get the Youtube subscriber count to 50. C’mon, ya Bums!

And remember boys and girls: If it’s ugly, I’m out. And you should be too!

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5 Tips and Tricks to Save You Time and Money

In this week’s episode, we share five tips and tricks to save you time, money and get you healthy in the kitchen.

Do you have questions about your wellness routine and boundaries?

We are all about community and wellness on this episode so let’s jump right into it.

[1:55] Peroxide: Cleaning and removing toxin and pesticide from your fruits and vegetables

[05:09] Mason Jar: How to store and keep your fruits and veggies longer in your Refrigerator 

[07:07] Avocados: Its benefits, getting the right one, and how to make them last longer than a week

[11:17] Apples: How to pick the sweetest, juiciest  Apples

[14:39] Gut healing using Celery juice: Read this Article to learn more about Celery Juice: Celery Juice, a powerful healing remedy

[18:49] More About Us & Our Mission & How to Be featured on our podcast


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“I Tip ‘Em, Then I Milk ‘Em Upside Down!”

The guys have comedian, TJ Remec, in studio to discuss the multiple disappearances of an “Obvious Pickle Boy”, a world record mouth from Idaho, and the only logical name for the ideal orangutan roommate.

TJ’s podcast, Once Upon a Tome!
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