Waffle Stomp and the Chain Smoking Psychic

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Episode 52: A Conversation with Awen Clement on Pagan Priesthood and Hospice Chaplaincy

Raised in the Goddess tradition and since having her children, Awen has walked a path as a healer, teacher, and celebrant. She tries to live in a way which embodies wildness and a deep love and compassion for all beings.

Awen seeks to hold space for change and transformation. She teaches people how to live life by the moon, trust the coincidences and find their way into sacred connection.

When not raising her four awesome kids, she can most often be found drinking tea in her tiny temple shed at the bottom of her garden in Birmingham.

In 2019 she published her first book – Moon Wise. An exploration of living life in tune with your Natal Moon Cycle.

Well Honestly: Episode: 18- Food Deserts & Black Girl Scientists Interview with Stacey Minor of Sweet Potato Patch

Do you have questions about your body and how to navigate getting your health in order? We are in the same boat. During this episode we talk with Stacey Minor, founder of Sweet Potato Patch. We dig deep into the impact food deserts are having on minority communities, how we can step up to the plate and be in control of what we eat and how generations can promote healthy lifestyles. This week it is all about recognizing your black girl magic and being the change you want to see. 

[8:20] What We Are Loving This Week

[13:30] Introduction of Guest Stacey Minor

Stacey Minor was one of the first African American women to work
for the food company Monsanto. Now, she is taking her knowledge
and using it in Chicago’s neediest communities.

– Minor is the founder of Sweet Potato Patch, which is a meal
delivery service operating on the South Side. She uses produce
that major retailers will not take and turns it into gourmet heat and
serves meals — and produce bags.

[44:44] Andretta Honesty Moment

[45:40] Aaqila’s Honesty Moment

[46:46] Stacey’s Honesty Moment

[49:00] More About Us & Our Mission & How to Be featured on our podcast


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About Sweet Potato Patch [ https://sweetpotatopatch.life ]

Sweet Potato Patch is a Technology based Food business whose overall all mission is to utilize day to day technology to increase and create an ease related to healthy food access to residents in Urban Food Deserts.

We utilize smart technology and GPS Tracked Crowd-Sourced Delivery Technology to deliver farm to table, healthy food options, to the front door of residents in Urban Food Deserts. Our farm to table food meets the needs and also the cultural necessity of our customers.

About Stacey [ LINKEDIN ]  [ FACEBOOK ]

Often recognized as a Plant Scientist or Executive Career Strategist, Stacey Minor is just a home-girl from the South Side of Chicago (by way of Roseland and Chatham). Stacey graduated with honors from the 2nd overall class of the Chicago High School for Agricultural Science and went on to pursue her studies at the University of Illinois in Champaign.  In the 90’s Plant Biotechnology was so new, that the University did not have a degree program for it, so she ultimately studies Plant Sciences, but went on to work for the Monsanto Company and became one of the first of a handful of African American women to work in Plant Biotechnology professionally as a Senior Research Scientist.

Stacey went on to switch careers after pursuing a MBA with an emphasis in Organizational Development from Washington University in St. Louis, to work at helping people re-brand and re-position themselves after career loss, as an Executive Job Coach in outplacement and Director of Career Services in Higher Education. She is a graduate of the Joseph Business School, founded by Dr. Bill Winston. Stacey is also the author of The 28th Chapter, and is now the Founder/Farmer In Chief of Sweet Potato Patch and Patchwerkz – Chicago, a faithful member of Apostolic Church of God in Woodlawn.

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