Well Honestly: Episode: 15 The Mindset of Health with Vanessa Mack Fit

Do you have questions about your body and how to navigate getting your health in order? We are in the same boat. During this episode we talk about the fundamentals of mindset awareness on your wellness journey. We dig deep into the issues centered around bringing those you love on the health journey with you. We even talk about holding yourself accountable for your health as the root to all progress. VMack Fit is vulnerable and real in this episode as she shares her battle with feeling like she let her body down and what we all can learn from her tenacity. 


[8:00] Introduction of @VMACKFIT  (Instagram)

[15:16] VMack’s Thoughts on PURPOSE

[22:36] Aaqila’s Honesty Moment

[24:35] VMack’s Honesty Moment

[26:35] Andretta’s Honesty Moment 

[31:00] More About Us & Our Mission & How to Be featured on our podcast


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Learn More About Vanessa Mack’s By Reading Her Bio Below:

Vanessa Mack’s aka (VMack Fit) vision and enthusiasm knows no limits, and “no limits” is a mindset that she incites throughout her life. She is a wife, mother, grandmother, Cyber professional, and fitness guru; she has her personal training and nutrition certification through the National Association of Sports Medicine, Master Spin Instructor certification with Madd Dog Athletics. These are just a few of the many hats she wears with awe-inspiring poise and devotion to wellness.

Vanessa is committed to changing lives through health and wellness, she allocates her time between her corporate workday, fitness and wellness movement without compromising the fidelity of either. Vanessa realized that too many of her loved ones are affected or losing their lives from chronic diseases that is largely preventable and at the very least, manageable. Thus, she decided that enough was enough and embarked upon her mission to inspire healthier, more active lifestyles. She is the creator and executive producer of The Health & Wholeness show, which is a social networking talk show that focuses on wellness and healing within our communities. Vanessa has been sought out to be a guest speaker by a variety of wellness organizations based on her passion and commitment to wellness. 

Empowering and inspiring accurately describes the contributions Vanessa has made and will continue to make in the lives of others. She embodies the quote attributed to Mahatma Gandhi, “Be the change you want to see in the world.” With that in mind, Vanessa simply aspires to be a vessel for change as she motivates and inspires through her fitness and wellness platforms.

Motto: “Be Good To Yourself”

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