Well Honestly: Episode 44: The Impact of Trauma on Your Wellness

In this weeks episode we talk about all of the things that impact what goes on during your wellness journey when directly impacted by Trauma. This is a powerful subject that doesn’t get enough attention. We wont try to pack this into one episode but make this an on-going topic because it has such a compounded role on the majority of us and we aren’t fully aware.  Yes, we get real personal on today’s episode because OUR heath is worthy of a few conversations. We breakdown a few simple things to think about adding to your mental health regimen.  We share statistics, impact and advice on the questions to ask, research and tips to tackle managing your mental health and wellness journey.

Do you have questions about your mental health and how to navigate getting your wellness journey in order?

We are in the same boat.

 We are all about community and wellness on this episode so lets jump right into it.

[02:20] Overview of Identifying Trauma and it’s Importance

[07:00] The Truth About Trauma and Personal Development BOOK SUGGESTION

[10:35] The Truth About Different Types of Trauma and how to Identify Them

[18:40] The Key Takeaway for Managing Your Triggers

[21:30] Tips to Dealing with Trauma & Calming Yourself

[27:45] Product Swap of the Week BUY HERE  

[34:44] More About Us & Our Mission & How to Be featured on our podcast


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