Meet Saul and Joe from The Hospice Chaplaincy Show!

Hello Podcasters!

This week I’m taking some time to spotlight a new podcast being recorded at Audiohive Podcasting. I would like to introduce Saul Ebema and Rev. Dr. N. Joseph Newton of The Hospice Chaplaincy Show. Say hello!

Saul and Joe started recording just over a week ago, and have already recorded 4 episodes! They are passionate about what they do, and are really excited about their podcast. Saul and Joe are both completely new to podcasting, and had no previous studio experience. I asked them a few questions after their last recording session to see how they felt about things so far.

  • What made you decide to start a podcast?
     I feel like I have a lot of content to offer people- especially in the area of educating people abut the psycho-spiritual aspects of end of life care in the context of hospice.
    Joe: I was asked by Saul to be a part of this endeavor.  I was immediately interested due to the remarkable market there is for podcasts.  I never thought I would be part of something that I believe will be life-changing.  I was initially unsure of the purpose and if there was a need, and then hearing Saul explain all that he has done up to this time, I was in.

Saul and Joe are a great example of taking your life’s passion and work and making it the subject of your podcast. They both have extensive experience and years of stories about their lives as hospice chaplains.

  • Has anything been more challenging than you expected?
    Saul: Of Course it takes time to find the right voice and rhythm to create the perfect mood for your podcast.
    Joe: I find that conversation is powerful. Getting to that comfort level was challenging at first, but finding it and feeling the freedom to express one’s thoughts is liberating and exciting.

Comfort is key, and by the time they were recording their third episode I started to feel them relax and settle in to things more. It takes time to find your voice and pacing. Saul listened to his first episode and noticed things he didn’t like and was able to begin addressing them the next episode.


  • Has anything been easier than you expected?
    Saul: Recording the shows seems easier than I expected.
    Joe: Initially I was only answering questions and adding some of my insights which was easy for me.  As time has gone on it has become more of a heart-to-heart give and take of ideas and experiences.

I was happy to hear that the recording part was easy! After all, I started Audiohive Podcasting to give people a way to record their podcast with zero recording experience.

  • Do you have any advice for someone thinking about starting their own podcast?
    Saul: Yes, just start. Don’t over think it.
    Joe: My advice to someone wanting to begin a podcast, just do it.

I first met with Saul at Audiohive on a Friday morning to show him the studio, and by Monday they were recording their first podcast. They definitely walked the walk on this one!

  • What do you think of your overall experience with Audiohive Podcasting so far?
    Saul: My overall experience has been amazing. The support has been great- 10/10
    Joe: I was a bit intimidated walking into the studio, never been part of something like it, but Brian has made it very comfortable.

I am super grateful for the opportunity to record your podcast! I’ll continue to do my best to make recording easy for anyone aspiring to start their own personal journey into podcasting.

You can check out The Hospice Chaplaincy Show by visiting The Hospice Chaplaincy website, or find them on iTunes, Spotify, and Google Play Music.

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