30: THE FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH Denny Chipollini

We are proud to present Denny Chipollini. Denny is a two-time Olympic Torchbearer, Public Speaker, Personal Trainer, and Adaptive Athlete.  Denny truly has a zest for life and continues to inspire the amputee community through his video blog and lifestyle tips.  This extraordinary amputee proves that there truly is a fountain of youth.  The AMP’D UP211 Video Podcast is hosted by Rick Bontkowski, a right below knee amputee.

ShiestyCast Vol. 3 | Blackstreet Boys Show Episode 69 (Full Episode)

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131: “Boiling the Frog” – What does Surrender look like?

Following the recovery journey from the previous episode “Boiling the Frog – Anti-Surrender” Mike & Glenn are talking about the same gentleman, but later in his recovery journey when he discovers true surrender.

What changed? He knew he was struggling, he had lost his rental house and was staying in extended stay, but in the last week:

 – Lost his job and was not working

 – Still drinking and drugging

 – His family cut him off 

Dive in with Mike & Glenn as they talk about what it took for this gentleman to reach true surrender and what it looked like.

In this episode:

Sober.Coffee episode “Boiling The Frog – Anti-Surrender”: https://www.sober.coffee/podcast/episode/2b4dd42e/boiling-the-frog-what-does-anti-surrender-look-like

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132: Episode 136: A conversation with Abby Brockman on her life’s journey and work

In Today’s episode, Saul talks to Abby Brockman about her life’s journey and work. Abby Brockman is a Jewish board-certified clinical trauma chaplain. She received her Masters of Divinity from Boston University’s School of Theology, completed her clinical residency at the Seattle VA hospital, and worked as a staff chaplain for many years at Seattle Children’s Hospital on their Cancer Care Unit, Pediatric Intensive Care Unit, and In-patient Psychiatric Unit. She specializes in trauma, grief and loss, and end-of-life work and recently started her own private practice to provide spiritual care. Her work is deeply informed by an anti-oppression ethic, she’s passionate about advocating for a systemic lens and power analysis in all conversations about mental health and wellness, and believes there are gateways to holiness everywhere.